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Changes for 2015

As 2015 rolls in, there will be changes to working on my blog. This is due to the monotony of my life. At one point, I did a posting almost every day. This year, I done weekly, but even then – I find hard to write more than a few paragraphs. Most of my days are much the same with some changes here and there. If there is any major event, I will post it as I normally would, but on the first of the month, I will post a blog pointing on the previous month.


Another reason for the lack of interaction is lack of audience. Therefore, it has come to the point where most of the writing is read by one or two people. Simply put, a lack of demand has made a lack of interest. Obviously, anyone that would want to be more involved with my life are more than welcomed to do so. My contact information is located at http://fsp.tel/ and this address is even friendly to basic phones, and WAP browsers.

Daily No More

On 2014-02-22, the last daily post was made. This post was published on 2014-02-23. The reason of this is very little day to day activity occurs where there is a warrant for a daily post. Most of the time lately, it has been an effort to gather a few sentences, and the next day’s plans are of little better. Essentially, writing a daily post has become a monotonous trial. And of course, some people can attribute that to my boring life, and in that instance, I will agree with them. However, it does not change the facts any.

In turn, from this point on – there will be a weekly update which will cover days Sunday – Saturday. Such post will be published either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. In turn though, when there is something that happens in my life that I feel warrants publishing, I will do so. If it is something that is just general activity, then it will be under the Just Life Category. I will also of course write blog postings on other subjects as the effort arises.


Today was a busy day. First, I had to go to the pharmacy. This was to drop off a prescription which I left there while I had to do address a few groceries. Next, I went to the grocery store to get a couple of loaves of bread, and carrots for the dogs. I also bought a notepad which I was running low on the paper resources I have. In addition to getting my groceries, I also had to add funds to my Connect Card. This was to assure that I will have the bus fare I will need.

Chris also stopped by for a few hours. After he left – I walked and fed the dogs. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will definitely be home – although I will plan on doing my laundry. Also, this will be the last daily update post I will be making in the foreseeable future. After today, I will be doing weekly updates rather than daily. These updates will provide from Sunday through Saturday, and will be published on Sunday morning.

First Impressions: Windows 8

I received a new computer today, and of course, there came a new Operating System. This will be Microsoft Windows 8 Standard Edition. This will be a 64bit version which will have better memory support especially if the notebook should be upgraded to 16GB of memory.

I would admit if I had a choice, I would have continued to use Windows 7, especially since this new PC does not have a touch screen. The OS has two environments. The first one is a tiled style environment which is very similar to the front end of Windows Phone. The second is a lesser version of the previous layout of the former 32/64 bit OSes from Microsoft which included a taskbar for frequent and current programs as well as a button to start programs or control system services. This layout has been around since 1995, but in Windows 8, it has been drastically reduced. And as with most operating systems, there is also a dedicated application store. However, being the x86 version OS, it will also have support for programs that would run in previous versions of Windows (XP or better)

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Not much happened, although I did get the replacement router. It’s an Actiontec, so it is obviously one that will fail again. It also refuse to allow me to use the passphrase (what people enter to use the wifi network) which meant I had to make changes on every single device I owned. Already – I hate this router.

I also walked the dogs in the morning, and afternoon which I am sure they appreciated. I however felt pain afterwards, so I am glad I was able to stay home the rest of the day. The dogs also had a brushing today which they really enjoy their weekly brushing.

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Today was a problematic day. First, late last night, my router failed, and after trying to get a hold of Verizon, they finally reached me and will be sending a new one. However, it took about 14 – 15 hours for this to be resolved to such a manner. In the mean time, I have use my T-Mobile phone (which does not make a good 3G router), and my Freedom POP router which hasn’t been working as good as I will like it to so I can complete the basics.

On some better news, the head collar for Malak came through. As with Talisa, he doesn’t like it, but he has been much easier to control with the presence with other dogs. I am hoping that the dramatic improvement will mean he will ignore dogs he doesn’t like rather than trying to go after them.

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Not much happened today. Chris stopped down to get a couple of things. In addition, a person seemed to have passive aggressively complained how I walked my down too close to his yard while still on the sidewalk. This is because his little toy dog seems to constantly bark at Talisa who just looks over to it, and sometimes moves toward it to say hi. I figured the next time I hear such a remark, I will remind him that I will control my dog, and he can control his dog.

I also decided to feed a small meal to Talisa in the morning, although this will mean a slight increase from what the suggested standards are. I will of course keep an eye on the body shape to keep her from getting obese, or even fat. In addition, she will get an egg once a week to keep her coat shiny. In the morning, she will also get a little meat to supplement the 1 cup of food, and the evening, she will get chicken broth with the 3 cups of food. So far, she has enjoyed the broth with the dry dog food.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be expecting a Netflix disc which I will watch before walking Talisa in her evening walk. Otherwise, little else planned.


Today was a bit of a quiet day. The President of the United States was in Pittsburgh, so the buses were off balanced, and I didn’t want to be stuck somewhere for a few hours. Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. Talisa got to play with one of the dogs upstairs which she enjoyed. Otherwise – not much happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to go to the post office. If not, I will have to go on Monday. I don’t expect to do much though tomorrow.


Today was a dull day, and very uneventful. I was expecting to start moving today, but it would seem as if there were “changes” in plans. I feel that most of the people I know personally seems to be so unreliable. If I had a driver’s license, I would rent a pickup and move what I could myself (even though I really don’t have the money). So, I spent the day waiting for nothing, and made dinner for the next couple of days. As for plans for tomorrow, hopefully, this procrastination will end, and the day could be spent doing what should have been done a few days ago. I can’t do much on Monday since I have a dental appointment.

Bye Consolidated, Hello Clear

After more than a year since Nauticom (aka Penn Telecom) became Consolidated Communications, and had to deal with service issues, billing issues, support issues – I will soon be dropping them in favor for another carrier. Now, you might be asking why drop them now when I won’t be in my current residence in two weeks?

Well, first – I had looked at a number of options. Seeing the service that Comcast provides to my brother’s family, and seeing the ridiculous system in where Comcast nickels and dimes you for their already outrageous prices (average of > $100/month), I had no intention on dealing with them, even if they were willing to forgive the $32 they say I owe them when I know I don’t. Then there is DSL, but it will seem as if everyone demands some contract. And Verizon FiOS is available with a 15/3MBPS connection. Yes, I know you in Europe is laughing your behinds off, but I am not willing to pay $60 (with contract), or $75 (without contract) for speeds that should be a minimum standard. Continue reading Bye Consolidated, Hello Clear