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Week 25

This week was much like many other weeks. I had to disconnect with someone on BBM because they of course made an half-ass conversation, and suddenly, they feel I should be obligated to give them money. It is a shame that Ghanian, and Nigerian scam artists are infecting such a good service. I wanted to get more work on my sites done than I did. It was just one of those weeks. On some other news, a rebate application for a set of wired headphones came through to the processing center. It took them a week to do it, but at least it is done. I should hopefully be able to get the rebate in the form of a prepaid debit card in about a week.

On some other news, I went to the Humane Society to get a 3 month supply of heartworm prevention medicine. For the two dogs, it would have cost about $35 (about $6/pill). However when I went in to buy, I was told I could only get one month since the dogs are due for a new test in the next month. That wouldn’t have been as much of an issue if the two pills cost a bit less than $20 (about $10/pill). Needless to say, I am going have a complaint when they go in for their annual check up. It would also seem as if the one credit card that I needed to use to pay for the medicine had a bad magnetic stripe which also meant that I had to request a new card. Since this is the card that my bills, and essentials goes on, it will also mean I will have to jump through hoops to change the numbers.

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Today has been a bit disappointing. I made a couple of calls. One person may be able to help when their tax refund check comes in – which will be the latest on the 28th (remember, I need the money by the 21st). Another person that told me to keep him apprised on the situation, and he might be able to help seems to only have voice mail for me. I also called a few other people to try to collect on favors. Most of them gives they will like to help me, but things are tight now. Yes, you know because they have to support their 2 cars, house they own, and they have such a meager $1,500 or $2,000 per month income. So, in the end, I know where I stand with everyone, and no matter how things turn out, some people will get a rude awakening with me.

In any case, with $3 or $4 left in the bank, I now have 2 money orders with a total of $300. I just have about $250 to go. On another news, I got the tracking number for a Wimax modem that will replace the DSL line, and provide internet service if I move into the new apartment. Considering an alternative is probably as expensive, or more as well as require a week notice with installation, this will be the best alternative. The Wimax modem should arrive by FedEx on Monday before 3PM (Yes UPS – there is a reasonable time frame). Continue reading 2011-01-15