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Review: Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones

About a month ago, I received the Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones which was purchased from Walmart. I purchased the headphones as I would prefer to have no wires with my headphones while listening to music. Any set of headphones I would buy needs to have a microphone as the headphones would be used with my cellular phone.

So, what would I recommend after a month with the headphones? Well the first 3 weeks – the headphones were sufficient. They were cheap, so I never expected much, but during the third week, the battery seemed to start to die after just a couple of hours of music playing. The volume was always kept at a normal rate, and I rarely receive phone calls, so this wasn’t the culprit. A few days before writing this post, the power button fell in the headphones – now making them unusable. I would be contacting Walmart in a day or two to hopefully get the headphones replaced, but this is not a good sign. Continue reading Review: Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones

Republic Wireless–Good Concept, not so Good Implementation

Republic Wireless opened for business today, and they have an interesting idea. Unlimited service – $20 per month. However, this is with condition. First, the service will use the internet to make calls when possible. This will require the phone’s wifi antenna to be active, and while it would use cellular service when no wifi is available – the cellular part is not unlimited. There is no set minutes as the idea is to jump on cellular as a backup, but rely mostly on wifi.

This is good for many people, but not for everyone. If you are home or in a place with a wireless network, you are going to benefit from the concept. If you are on the road a lot, or your home/work does not have wifi, this is not so good. Assuming average broadband being $50 per month, one would not implement this if they won’t normally use broadband services.The phone’s programming automatically sets it to call with a wifi network anytime it connects. This is how UMA works, and in my opinion, all smart phones should be doing this.

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