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June 20

Not much happened today. Most of the day was spent cursing at the monitor that is blanking out for sometimes a couple of minutes and in intervals between 5 – 20 minutes. With a little research, I am hoping it is the VGA cable (from PC to Monitor) which is about $15 – $20 (I hope) rather than the cost of a new monitor which the cheapest is about $100.

I decided to eat my meal a little early. It was OK as I usually just eat once a day, and normally not an issue of when. A few hours afterwards, my brother stopped down for a couple of hours. Afterwards, I watched a PBS show on Netflix.

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June 19

Today could have been a better day. I did get a DVD from Netflix which I watched. Also, someone I knew asked me to stop by to help with something. It didn’t work out the way he wanted, and in turn I got caught in the rain.

Considering I am stuck using a crutch, and had to deal with an umbrella, I am happy I chosen to use my phone to play my music even though I had my MP3 player in my back pack.

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June 18

Not much happened today. I stayed home for the most part, although went out to the local Rite-Aid to get an Amazon card. The reason for this was because I had $20 in my pocket, and used that to make a purchase towards a $25 card. I used the remainder on my debit card. The reason was to use that $20 towards the purchase of an item on Amazon.

I of course spent much of the day watching podcasts, and ironically having poorer than expected customer service with my hosting company. I was actually hoping to move this blog to fsp.im, but when I tried to do some one click installations, it didn’t seem to work out that way.

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June 17

Not much happened today. A friend called me, but the phone never rang – so Google Voice took the call. My brother also stopped down for a few hours, and I watched a couple of shows from Hulu. I had still been in a bit of pain from earlier this week, but hoping things would get better.

I also got a disc from Netflix. I just hate when only one TV episode is on a disc. Just put it on the previous disc. In any case, I watched the 1 hour worth of show, and returned the disc.

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June 16

Today was not much. Chris went to work in the morning since he spent the night here. In addition, I would have got the Netflix disc, but since I returned a day late, everything is off schedule for about a week. Nothing in the Hulu queue, and I stayed home considering I am trying to deal with the pain.

I was able to write an blog entry, but otherwise, watch a couple of video Podcasts from CNet, and a movie on Netflix. However, with the pain I had been in for a while, it has made it hard to want to do much of anything.

As for plans for tomorrow, I should get a Netflix disc. I also believe I would get a new set of credits for e-Music, and hopefully something from Hulu. I also will need to refresh my music player.

June 13

Today was a bit of a quiet day. I stayed home for the most part, and worked on a web site that would eventually be used for the benefit of others. However, with nothing in my Hulu queue, and being a Sunday – so therefore a bit of a lack of any news, not much happened.

On one note, someone that owed me money dropped off what he owed me in the evening. Now, I am not rolling in large amounts of cash. Much of it is to be addressed for other things. In addition, my brother stopped by for a little while.

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June 12

So, what happened on this day? Well, very little actually. This day was spent watching some Hulu, and getting the prescription for my medicine. I also made a phone call to my brother to get some money from him for his phone bill. Otherwise, this day has been a bit quiet.

My brother did come by in the evening, and spent a few hours here as well. Shortly after he left (at 11:30PM), I got myself ready for bed by first taking a bath. I also got everything ready for the new purpose for prvfsp.tel. Continue reading June 12

June 11

Not much happened today. Chris stayed the night last night. He left late morning, and afterwards, I got the disc from Netflix which of course – I watched it, and returned it. No mail at the post office, but that was expected. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and mostly listened to my music collection.

I also made a phone call, but got the person’s voice mail which meant I had to leave a message. No real plans for the rest of the day, nor the weekend. I had made some updates to the .tel domains I had, and would have a few more I would have to make. The next big plan is on Monday when I have a doctor’s appointment, and would suppose to be getting groceries that day too.

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June 10

Today was much like any other day. No Netflix movie means that my music player was running most of the day. There were some times that I watched some podcasts. I also worked on my blog sites, and added some posts, and a couple of common sense thoughts that seems to elude the people that matters. I also had an IM from someone that never seems to be on asking where I am. If I recalled, it is them that is never on Yahoo Messenger.

Chris stopped by late last night. We stayed up for a couple of hours, and he spent the night. And so as writing this post, I am staying quiet. He is one of those people that would ask to be woke up a certain time, and then ask to be awaken in 30 minutes, and then 30 minutes after that. However, he seems to neglect to notice he does that.

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June 7

Today was a bit of a normal day. I had to make a phone call. In addition, my brother called me and asked me to send an email for him. I went to the post office which required I done another errand. After which, I taken care of a couple of bills.

I think the medicine I am currently taking is getting to me. I been feeling a bit ill, and I doubt it’s from anything else. It’s as if I was taking it for the first time which is not the case since I been on this for years now. Thankfully I see my doctor later this month. Continue reading June 7