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Not much happened today. I did some cleaning, and made a couple of phone calls. Otherwise, not much happened today. I also managed to walk the dogs for a short walk considering the cold that is outside. It is days like this that makes me wished I owned a treadmill for them. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely remain home. I will hope to walk the dogs, but otherwise – not much else is planned. Yes, it will seem as if my life is rather dull these days.


Today was a slightly unexpected day. I went to the dentist as normal, however the dentist was concerned about infection in one of the extraction sites which was the most stubborn. With some anesthesia, she cleaned out the area, and inserted a medicated gauze pad that should fall out in a day or two. I am to call on Monday to see if there are any openings for Wednesday. However, with the procedure, I wasn’t much in the mood to address another issue. I will instead have to do that on Monday. I also had to get an extension on the anti-biotics which will cover for the weekend.

On a lighter side, the dogs had an opportunity to play with a neighbor’s dog before getting a walk which I wanted them to have before I went to the appointment. However, it will seem as if the ring holding Malak’s tags broke which I will need to get a new one for him.

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Today was a bit busier than most Saturdays – at least in the evening. The person whose PC I worked on had a couple of issues that needed to be addressed with his home network, and guest PC. His router was giving problems which I recommended that he may wish to consider a new router. As for his guest PC, it needed about 1GB of old compressed files to be removed, OS updates, Anti-Virus updates, and some other management issues. This took a little longer than expected. I made it there at 7PM, and finished at 10:30PM

When I returned home, I took the dogs out for their business, and bathed before heading for bed. As for plans for tomorrow, I will walk the dogs, and will have to do laundry as well. Some of the money earned today will be for laundry tomorrow.I will also have to make a phone call, and will do some work on my web sites.


Not much happened today. Chris stopped by for a few hours, and I walked the dogs in the morning. I also did some house cleaning with focus on the bathroom and kitchen. Otherwise, not much else happened.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans for tomorrow. I will expect to be home for tomorrow. There is a Section-8 inspection, but that will hopefully be done in the morning. I will have some errands for Tuesday, but I am hoping all will finish quickly.


Not much happened today. I did my morning activity which is normal. I did some cleaning in the kitchen which involved gathering some plastic shopping bags in the cubby and putting them into one large bag. The plastic bags are kept for when I walk the dogs – although Malak has been better about not going when we walk.

I took a small 2 hour nap during the afternoon. I am assuming that I really needed it. As for the evening, Chris stopped by for a couple of hours, but lost track of the time. I scanned through my SPAM, and came across an automated email from Verizon with the price as for adjustments made to my account. It claims the bill for next month will be less  than $50 which I will doubt unless I was prepaid.

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Not much happened today. One of the dogs had an accident in the apartment, which I am not sure which one it was, but it involved a lot of cleaning. I can only assume one of them was ill, but can’t tell which one. It had to be a temporary thing though as they both acted normal. It would have been better if they done it in the kitchen where it would have been easier to clean up.

I was in some pain, but even so – took them out for a longer walk then their normal walk. When I got home, I spent much of the time catching up on some videos from Hulu, and a few TV shows. Not much else happened though.

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Not much happened today. I wrote a few emails, and cleaned out my junk boxes (email and voicemail). I also browsed a few web sites, and worked on a long post. Otherwise, not much went on.

No plans for tomorrow. I will have to walk the dogs earlier as Duquesne Light is expecting to cut power for an hour. This power cut is to do some repairs, but it is in the middle of the dogs’ exercise. It is times like this I wish I owned a house, and had a standby generator.


Today was a busy day. I had to make a couple of phone calls. I also wrote a couple of emails, and worked on a web site. In addition, I did some cleaning. My place was already pretty much presentable, but wanted to take care of a few touch ups. Chris did stop by and helped out in kitchen. This was mostly for the Section-8 inspection that was due tomorrow.

The dogs walked out a little later than normal. I decided to put Malak on for 90 minutes which means the morning is 3 hours with them. In the future, I will be starting at about 7 – 7:30AM. They also get a shorter evening treadmill walk. However, this has seem to calm Talisa a bit, although still excitable with the going outside for a walk.

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Not much happened today. Chris stopped by, but wasn’t able to help on the help I needed him for. He said he would come within the next few days to help. I did a little re-arranging with the kitchen which is where the cages, and treadmill is. While I was rearranging, I also swept loose hairs by the treadmill, and removed wood chippings from Talisa’s scratching at the floor in hers.

I did a little TV watching, and worked a little on my next web site project. However, again – for the most part, things are quiet. No plans for the next day, as usual with Sundays.


Not much happened today. Chris stopped by, but only stayed for about an hour. I didn’t have much to do today, and got some cleaning done. I also chatted with a couple of friends, and did a couple of emails. However, much of my day was pretty quiet, and boring. As for plans for tomorrow, it would be a little busy. I would have to run an errand or two, and would be expecting a Netflix DVD. I will also be writing a couple of emails, and make a couple of calls. Otherwise, my day will be pretty quiet.