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Can You Give Me a Hand?

OK, while this topic is not in the news, I am sure that it still poses some strong feelings. However, so is health care, and that makes for news now. When you have a transplant, it would require anti-rejection drugs because the body would attack the new organ as a foreign object, which it is. This method of how the body works is what keeps you healthy, and fight off germs, and other nasties.

However, much of the cost for long term is the actual drugs which could cost $50,000 – $100,000 per year to finance, and the drug is literally designed to combat your immune system so it won’t fight the transplant. So, essentially, someone is paying to be unwell to stay alive. Am I am sure we all remember Dolly, the cloned sheep? While I am personally, and ethically opposed to do cloning to create life, the technology could be used in a much more efficient manner.

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I must Wait to Get Bigger

Recently, I purchased a 320GB hard drive to replace the 160GB hard drive I currently have. So, after fighting with a stripped screw on the mount for the 160GB hard drive, I placed the 320GB in the system. I tried to use a trial version of a cloning software, and found out I have to pay for the trial to allow it to do its job. So, I reinstalled Vista on the 320 to hopefully get it up and running, and would go on the Internet to get the needed drivers. However, most of the hardware including the network connections for the Aspire 5100 series requires drivers to work.

So, I turned off the PC, removed the 320GB hard drive, and installed the 160 again. I went on a mission to try to get my 160GB cloned to my 320GB. I tried Clonezilla with no success. I tried another that would not recognized the 320 that was sitting in a USB enclosure, and finally Norton Ghost Trial which would not do the reason why you would waste $70 on Norton Ghost.

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