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Week 9 – 2014

This is my first weekly update which replaces the daily update. This week could have been better. I received my T-Mobile bill, and noticed there was a discrepancy in my data for my Nexus 7. After talking with a half of dozen people (literally), and went through a range of email communications, I have the problem partially solved. It would seem that 30 days after I activated the tablet, my data is terminated even though I am supposed to get 200MB for the life of the tablet. A support ticket was sent to the engineer, but this could be as late as the first Monday of March for someone to address it. In the meantime, I am stuck having to get a 500MB data added to my bill, and the representative couldn’t even do that correctly. Email support fixed that, and promises to refund the charges for the 500MB while I fight to get my 200MB for that I am entitled too.

It got extremely cold this week again, but I managed to walk the dogs a few time. However, there were also a couple of days where it was dangerously cold for them to be going for a walk. Of course, they got to play indoors which is nice and warm. Talisa especially loves to sleep under the wool blanket at night. The dogs are doing well, although one of them misplaced the Kong toy again so I had to put the other one up until I take the time to look for it.

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Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store even though it was bitter cold. I really needed to get some groceries though. In addition, I did some work on various documents I have, and also created some new ones. These documents are long over-due, but things keep coming up that needs to be addressed with them. I also gave the two their rawhide sticks early. I typically give them a stick on days divisible by 3. This is intended to help keep their teeth clean, but it also a treat to them. This was to reward them for their good behavior while I was gone. I gave them free roam of the apartment, and they did well during the 90 minutes.

Not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will hope for it to warm up enough to walk the dogs, but will otherwise do some work that needs to be done. And since my Nexus 7 case came yesterday, there is no need to wait on that.


Not much happened today. I did some work on a document, but otherwise – not much else happened. I wanted to walk the dogs, but it would seem to be too cold to take them. This day has been rather boring, but otherwise a day nonetheless. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, and hopefully will get S4:E9 of Walking Dead. I will also be working on a couple of documents, but otherwise – again things will be relatively quiet


Not much happened today. I have been in some pain, but I made due. I made a couple of phone calls, but otherwise – this has been a very quiet day. Not much else could be said for today. As for plans for tomorrow, Chris might stop by, but otherwise – not much else is expected. If it warms up a bit I will walk the dogs, but I don’t expect it to get warm enough.


Not much happened today. I had to return a defective product that didn’t work properly from the beginning. This meant I had to go to Downtown to print the RMA, and UPS label only to seal everything up, and mail it at a UPS drop box. The dogs couldn’t get their walk because it was too cold, however they still get to at least play a little while indoors. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, but otherwise – not much else is planned.


Not much happened today. It was a bit cold, and raining. The temperature dropped from tolerably warm for Winter, to below freezing again. At least the couple days of good weather allowed most of the snow to melt. However, the rain prevented me from walking the two. As for the day, I spent some of my time watching a few videos, and then I played a game. While I am not a big gamer, there is one on Android that has consumed my gaming time. Needless to say, it’s on my Nexus tablet, and not the other one – nor the phone.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will have to deposit some money into the bank, but otherwise – things are going to be relatively quiet. If it is tolerable, I will also be walking the dogs. In addition, I will also have to do some email, and do a little cleaning up for when the Section-8 inspector comes on Tuesday.


Not much happened today. As being a Sunday, things are very quiet. It was still too cold to take the two for a walk which is depressing. It is supposed to have a 3 – 4 hour warm streak (above freezing) before it plummets to well below freezing. I will try to take the two out during this small heat wave window. However, today – I made a phone call with Google in which I purchased a Motorola Moto G (Play Edition) for my niece. I was wondering the delay with the transaction, and it will seem the expedited shipping I paid for means nothing with getting the product out, just with the method of shipping. I also walked to the convenience store to get a couple of pizzas as to offset the food that I have now.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will hope to give the dogs a little walk before it gets too cold again. I will also have to wait for UPS for a media tablet, Kong Toy, Shampoo, USB hub (for multiple charging), and two backpacks for the dogs (when the weather gets better). This will come in two packages, but I will assumed to be delivered at the same time. I will also have a couple of videos to watch, but otherwise – no real plans.


Not much happened today. After sending the post dated blog posting for yesterday, my brother stopped by and gave a small amount for the money he owes me. In addition, this afternoon, someone else that owed money came by and dropped it off. Against my better judgment, I walked the dogs. The walk end up being shorter than I would have done as the cold affected them. They were happy to get home, and warmed up quickly. I also did some personal documents, and watched a couple of videos.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to deposit money in the bank so it could be transferred to my credit card. The money I have collected is about the amount that I will have to cover about half of the total amount of credit I used on my card. This should hopefully impact it in a way to reduce the amount of interest I will have to pay. I will also have to go to Downtown to get some documents addressed. I will return home to finish everything off, and will have to send the documents in the mail. I doubt it will be warm enough to walk the dogs though tomorrow. In turn, I will give them opportunity to play in the back for 5 minutes at a time.


Not much happened. Chris came by late last night, and left in the afternoon for work. The bitter cold came in, so I wasn’t going to walk the dogs. A movie was watched, and later in the day – I made a couple of sandwiches for myself. Otherwise, not much else happened. Chris said he was going to stop by again, but never showed. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will like to walk the dogs if it warms up a little, even for a short one. However, I will likely be home all Sunday.


Not much happened today. The kitchen sink is still not working, so a plumber will be coming about 11:30AM to address it. I am also hoping that the food assistance benefits comes in tomorrow as well. If so, I will be able to address multiple things at one time. I watched a couple of videos, and a new TV show which has been added to my Hulu list. It will seem as if many TV studio companies have some form as ADHD as they can not seem to keep a show running for a season or longer.

Otherwise, not much else happened today. I did managed to walk the dogs, but considering it was still below freezing – it was a short walk. As for plans for tomorrow, it will be the plumber, and hopefully the grocery store early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Otherwise, no plans for the day.