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Not much happened today, although today was a bit busy. First, a few things came in that was ordered. I received a rent rebate which was used to get the dogs in for an annual checkup, but also was used to get them new correction collars, a 6 pack of socks, and I splurged in getting a set of Bluetooth headphones – all of which have been received today. I am still waiting on the rechargeable batteries which will reduce the need to purchase batteries for the controller.

I also went down to pick up my prescription which was supposed to be filled yesterday, but I wasn’t able to pick it up since there are no buses in Troy Hill on Sunday. The local pharmacy still does not wish to support UPMC for You, and I have given up on them almost a year ago. I went down to get the prescription which had to be filled, but thankfully, I made it to the stop in time for the bus that brought me to East Ohio to return me to Troy Hill. Otherwise, I would have had to wait for more than an hour.

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Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store to get a bag of dog food, and hygiene essentials – although forgot the shampoo. I also needed to get rawhide sticks for the dogs, but at $5 for a 20 pack, it wasn’t worth it. Instead, I just ordered it through Amazon. I will have to add funds to the credit card to substitute for that.

When I got home, I walked the dogs, although not as long of a walk as I wanted to give them. I then made the food for us, and did some document writing afterwards. Talisa also had her collar replaced which I did that since her current one kept falling off. I might also get a new one for Malak even though he doesn’t need it right away.

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Today was a problematic day. First, late last night, my router failed, and after trying to get a hold of Verizon, they finally reached me and will be sending a new one. However, it took about 14 – 15 hours for this to be resolved to such a manner. In the mean time, I have use my T-Mobile phone (which does not make a good 3G router), and my Freedom POP router which hasn’t been working as good as I will like it to so I can complete the basics.

On some better news, the head collar for Malak came through. As with Talisa, he doesn’t like it, but he has been much easier to control with the presence with other dogs. I am hoping that the dramatic improvement will mean he will ignore dogs he doesn’t like rather than trying to go after them.

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Not much happened today. I got the second collar, and charged it. I will likely test to make sure everything works as appropriately tomorrow. Otherwise, I been home for the most part, and stayed in with the 9°F temperature. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely be home still as I have no plans. It will likely be like this for the majority of the week as it is supposed to be extremely frigid for most of the time.

Updates on the Hunt

For some that know me, knows I have a pet dog, and seeking another one. And while I love animals, two will be the maximum I will have – especially considering my financial well being, and the room that I have available. After checking with shelters, and wanting too much for the dog, and conditions that I can not meet to their standards, I have lost most of my options. With regular postings to Craigslist, and some immature group of ignoramus a$$holes flagging my ads, and therefore forcing me to post again makes my hunt even harder.

I have found one that needs a new home, and a good dog. No other real information was provided. So after not receiving a reply, I called the number in the ad, and he wanted $300 or best offer. I told him have a good day, and hung up. Seriously, if I had $300, I could have got a pure bred, or better yet, get one at the shelter. So, my ad for seeking a dog and provide a good home to it is flagged, but this one is able to keep his post online. I am guessing that only No Strings Attached sex personal ads get to be assured on.

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