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Commander Matt’s Pointless Comments

Late last night (my time), I received 5 comments waiting to be approved, and all I can say is this would be Commander Matt either is a 3rd grader (no insult intended to the 3rd graders) or the mentality of an 8 year old who wasn’t raised properly. So, Commander Matt, I will not reward your behavior by allowing your comments on my 2+ year old posts. Instead, I will address the issues and your immaturity here in a blog post that will have comments disabled. If people don’t like what I have to say here, that is their choice. There is no need to comment on this.

I will be taking word for word on Commander Matt’s comments, and to not waste time and space on this posting – there will be a publically available Google Document that will be there for anyone to read. One thing he wanted to be critical about with me is that I am apparently willing to cater to poor quality routers when I noted about the global IP address problem, and how I give away my privacy because I use Google Voice. Meanwhile, he provided a free Outlook.com address. So, here are my arguments to your mostly invalid points.

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Not much happened today. I spent the day home, and walked the dogs a couple of times. I also had an issue with a setting I did on my phone which caused severe problems. Thankfully, a good reset solved the problem. I will of course have to be more careful before doing anything overly dramatic.

Not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely write a blog posting to address some ignorant comments. Considering that all of his comments are from posts two years ago, this person that is trying to get comments approved to get a hard on over a fight will be fun to deal with. I could just ignore it, but it will allow me to address the couple of legitimate comments, and put a warning out to similar childish like minds. I know, sounds like a very exciting day.


Not much happened today. I made a comment to Port Authority about the proposed cancellation of the only bus route that serves my area. I also walked the dogs on the treadmill, and then a social walk which they had received some attention with the workers at the pharmacy.

I made the last of my eggs to make egg salad sandwiches, and will have to wait until the 9th for my EBT food benefits. Not much else has happened otherwise. The dogs slept most of the day which was unusual. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will have to go to the local store to get a loaf of bread. Otherwise, not much else planned.


Today was the first day of the month, and I wanted to do more than I managed to get done, but I will be trying to do the rest tomorrow considering the 3rd-4th will be holidays. Gage, and Xavier came to my place for a couple of hours, and I got the money order for the rent, and got some bus tickets that would last me a couple of months possibly. Chris stopped by for an hour, and he said he would stop by tomorrow to help me with Waterworks. My neighbor brought a large bag of dog food (which Talisa appreciates much more), with me of course paying for it.

Also, I had someone trying to suggest me on how to properly “work” with Talisa. She seen me tapping her when she was fixated on a dog, and becoming somewhat unmanageable. However, I offered to hold a door for her one day while I had Talisa, and she declined as she was concerned her dog will get aggressive with my dog, so I don’t have much confidence in her methods. So, I will continue my methods which has been working (slowly buy surely).

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Not much happened today. Chris spent the night here, and was able to drop me off to Downtown. While I was in Downtown, I went to the post office, and picked up my mail which included the spare battery, and the charger. It is not really a desk charger, but an in wall charger. It also has a USB port which will be helpful. Once I got home, I plugged in my new charger into the UPS replacing the standard charger for the phone. I then simply use the USB port, and while not as  elegant, it allows me to charge the phone, and spare batter at the same time, and through 1 outlet.

I also came across some comments that deserved an actual private message. I in turn wrote the reply as if it should have been a private message. I also watched the movie Devil from my Netflix queue, and got dinner. Not much else went on today, and eventually headed off to bed. As for plans for tomorrow, I would drop off the disc, and pretty much stay home. No other real plans though.