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So, you will be conquered by AT&T, now what?

First, let’s get one thing noted. I am biased towards this instance. I personally feel this will be one of the worst things that will happen, and to make matters worst, I don’t think there is any stopping this. Next, I am not an insider. I don’t know any of the back door agreements, and for the most part will be as much in the dark as any other common person. Last, I am not an analyst. To be exact, I am disabled, and live offer of an amount that is below the poverty rate. I am telling this so no one panics and takes my predictions as law, and written in stone. However, on a more personal note, I have a nasty habit of being right a lot of times, and I personally wish I was wrong more often. Just because I say something that is right, doesn’t always means it is beneficial for everyone.

So, with all of this aside, and me trying to keep my animosity towards AT&T in check, I will try to rely on just facts. On March 20, 2011 – AT&T made it known they were buying T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion in cash and stock from Deutsche Telekom. This only affects the T-Mobile company in the United States. Any European Entity of T-Mobile are not affected just as Virgin Mobile in Europe weren’t affected when Sprint bought Virgin Mobile USA. The reason this sale didn’t go through immediately is that it has to be approved by regulatory such as the Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission. They normally do not have to get involved with every transaction that takes place, but such a purchase will do a few things.

  1. Allow a company  to have public spectrum that was not normally negotiated to them on a national scale.
  2. Reduce the number of national carriers that are in the United States
  3. Make sure that AT&T will not have monopolistic power over the Cellular Industry within the US
  4. Make sure that the purchase was legal according to the laws in the United States.

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Not the Way to Go T-Mobile & Samsung

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So, now that I see there will be no real light tablet device that is a competitor to the iPad. Yes, there are real tablet PCs that were ignored for more than a decade, but these are real PCs, while devices like the iPad is technically a PC – you don’t have the same level as a real PC. So, now comes the Galaxy Tablet. Samsung has been promising this since it released its Galaxy line of phones to the big 4 carriers in some changed version with the international version (which is better than most branded ones). So what is this Galaxy Tablet, and how much will it cost?

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A Little too Little too Late After the Butchering

T-Mobile announced that new phones running Android will be coming out with a special application to offer wifi calling. Technical blogs, and people reading this story been raving of this. It is obviously the best thing since home made apple pie, right? Think again.

T-Mobile have been offering such for years now. It’s just after the butchering and the change of policies, they had made this more of a niche item rather than a full feature service. It is called UMA, and is designed to work on UMTS networks, and LTE. However, Once T-Mobile moved to the Even More, and Even More Plus plans, they butchered the UMA service and phones equipped with the feature had to pay with the minutes. Therefore no more free UMA calling. This meant that people wanting to make their cell phone a home phone without getting unlimited minutes would have to either stay on the less attractive plans, or go to the new plans and drop the UMA for free option. However, after that – it will seem as if UMA has been rather unreliable – even to the point where it was more likely not to work. Of course, it is never anyone’s fault.

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RIM PlayBook – Promising, but Not Perfect

There have been rumors about the Blackpad and RIM even acquired blackpad.com for whatever the reason. However, earlier today – RIM announce the plans for a multi-media slate style tablet. This tablet features a 1Ghz CPU, and 1GB of Ram which puts the standard 624Mhz with 256MB of memory that most of the newer RIM devices have to shame.

It has even been touted as the iPad killer for business users. So, why don’t I see this as perfect, or even marketable as perfect? Well, first – when tech blogs are touting this as the iPad killer for business users, that right there is the big problem. However, what I feel as the other problems is completely RIM’s fault.

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Apple hates you, and it’s the best thing ever.

Apple recently released the OS 4 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. And of course, with the normal rhetoric you would hear from Steve Jobs, it is the best thing ever. It would change the world, and you would love it (blah blah blah). However, what Stevie didn’t note in his presentation is the fact that Apple changed its policy for the developers for new applications. Basically, it says that you would only use Apple’s Approved SDK to develop Apple apps.

Now, I am sure some of you are thinking – don’t they do that already? Not always, nor in my opinion, should they have to. Let’s take an example of someone who wrote an app in C#. This is what is used to write MS Mobile apps. However, the developer may want to convert his MS app to an Apple app, and submit it (without assured approval, or continuation) the app would be in the store. He would use whatever language converting tool that he would use that would accept the Apple iPhone SDK, now he has an Windows platform that he is familiar with, and an apple platform that he may not be so familiar with.

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I’m just one of 7.7 Million

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Last year, I bought the HTC My Touch (aka Magic) for my T-Mobile line to upgrade from an old Blackberry 8320. I needed a phone that had 3G, and GPS. The fact that it would have been a touch screen was just a bonus.

Now, this is in respect to all Android based devices. This includes G1, Droid, Eris, Hero, and many others from every of the major 4 carriers except AT&T which is still licking Apple’s butt hole to want something that in my opinion is better.This means that a 1074% increase from 2008 (almost 11 times as many), and is expected to be second only to Symbian which seems to have a near complete dominance in Asia. Just so you know, Apple does not use Symbian.

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Why Apple’s iPad is Pointless!

The iPad is something that is supposed to be a major game changing device. It is supposed to revolutionized how we think, and I even heard of some people I would consider as technologically smart jump on this thing. However, at least in my opinion, this thing makes no sense in the real world. Here is why:

  1. At $500, there are better priced devices.
  2. It runs the iPhone OS which is restrictive.
  3. It’s supposed to be an Internet device, but no Flash Support.
  4. One app at a time.
  5. You might be able to get apps directly from the device, but expect to use a PC.

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T-Mobile is Declaring War – Maybe?

Wow, this month seems to be rumor mill month on this blog, and while one didn’t pan out, one has yet to be decided. However, here is another rumor, and there are pages of results if you should do a Google Search for Project Dark Plan. So, what is it, and why would I say that T-Mobile might be declaring war?

This plan would mean that you can get all of your cell minutes, SMS/MMS, and data for $50.00/month per line. This actually sounds better than what I heard from the Customer loyalty plan as that plan ala carte the SMS, and data. If this holds true, it would definitely be a major event for T-Mobile, and a serious blow to all the carriers, even Cricket who has $45 plans (less if you sacrifice the essentials). Here is why!

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