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May 2017

The first two weeks of the month were extremely busy. On the first, I took my prescription down to Rite-Aid to be filled. It would seem as if they wanted to “give company policy” to make me make a special trip the next day to get my prescription. I was considering seeing if there were alternatives, but it will seem as if the anesthesiologist will start submitting my morphine to the pharmacy electronically. I will expect I will still need to provide ID.

Seen my pain psychologist on Wednesday, and went to a community center for the food bank on Friday. These too were in the first week of the month. In addition, on Tuesday of the first week, I went to the pharmacy (again), followed by getting cleats on my shoes, and an appointment for an eye exam and new glasses. It would seem as if my eyes were a bit worse. To make matters worse, not only did I need Transition Lenses (when the lens gets darker in sunlight), but the eye doctor wanted me to have a no glare lens as well. I expected to have a $500 bill, and the bill came to $493. This meant I needed to use a credit card. I got the new glasses on May 12.
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RIP Gizmo, and no SIP for Google Voice

With Google’s acquisition of both Grand Central, and Gizmo, it would seem as if they bought their Google Voice service. However, they have decided to ax some of the important features. Right now, if you wanted to use Google Voice on your PDA, or SIP phone, it will be nearly impossible, or require jumping through hoops. You would first have to get a SIP provider that would provide you with a US telephone number. Then you would have to set that telephone number up with Google Voice which will be impossible if the provider doesn’t support DTMF. And then when you wanted to make a phone, you would have to log into Google Voice, and either use the GTalk client, or do a ring back.

At least with Gizmo, you could show your Google Voice number, and spend 2¢ per minute for a US/CA call. And unlike Google Voice, Gizmo supports SIP. So, you would figure Google will not kill off the service without offering an alternative? Well, you are wrong there. You would still have to rely on the computer to make a call which puts it on the same level of usability as Magic Jack. At least with Magic Jack, you do not have to count your minutes after 2011. Yes, you have to pay an annual fee, but at least you have unlimited calling, and even E911 which is something I will gladly pay Google if they offer an actual SIP service.

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