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Week 13 – 2014

This week is a pretty quiet week considering it is the end of the month. The first few days were busy. On Sunday, I went to help my brother, and his girlfriend with something. Since there were no buses, I had to walk down the hill, and when returning home, I used Spring Garden Avenue to Lager which was a little bit easier (although longer) than traversing Troy Hill Road. On Monday, I went to the grocery store to get some things I needed. However, I didn’t get everything I needed which was a little disappointing, but I will make due. In addition, I bought a bag of dog food. While I am not low on their food, it is still good to make sure I have a spare bag. Although, I did get shampoo which I was low on. I also got my prescription filled, but didn’t make it to the bank to deposit a $10 check I received. Later in the evening, someone came to drop off money he owed for a small favor I did for him. In turn, I went to the bank on Tuesday morning to deposit the check, and cash. This will then be applied to my Capital One Card that I use to pay bills with.

In addition, on Tuesday, I had to make a couple of phone calls to address a couple of things. Chris also stopped by and spent the night. However this day has been relatively quiet. One of the calls I had to make was for an appointment with my PCP. They managed to get me in the next morning. This however meant that Chris and I left my apartment at about 7:30AM. I went to his place after my appointment for lunch, and then back home.

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Today was a bit more eventful than I expected. I walked the dogs, and came across someone that seen me often. He asked me to stop by his place as he wanted my opinion on a few things. I gave him my Contact Directory and made sure he had a card.

I also had a conversation with another person. He wanted to ask a few things. Hopefully the advise I gave both of them will be helpful. However, this ended up causing a lot of pain where it was crippling. I spent much of my evening resting.

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The Contact Card of Today

In today’s ever changing world, it is easy to have an outdated Contact (Business) card. And until cards come with the ability to instantly change and be price and consumer reasonable, we will be stuck with the old fashion paper cards. And while it is possible to still make a card with outdated information (even if all of the solutions are taken), this will greatly reduce the chances.

  • Use a PO Box, or Private Mail Box Service.
  • Use a Smart Forwarding Number
  • Have a .TEL address
  • Provide a Public Email Address
  • Have a QR Code

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Is it Big Enough?

For those that like to do unique little things, and have contact cards, one may want to place a QR code on their card. There is something you would want to consider. Make your QR code as big as possible while making sure the whole code fits on the card.

Some may wonder why. The answer seems to be that some QR readers may not work reliably on small codes. I fitted a QR code in a size similar to what a normal picture would encompass while still providing information, and it took Google Goggles about 3 tries to finally get it correctly on the card even though it worked perfectly on the screen.

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I have a QR for you

This is probably more popular in Asia, but my contact cards, and soon standard on my web site would be QR codes. First, you maybe asking what the h—l is a QR code, and why, and how. Well, especially for people that never came across one may find this as a strange concept. So, I would try to go as simple with all needed questions as possible.

First, a QR code is a strange looking square that looks almost like a 2 dimensional bar code (such as what you see on your food packaging). This code would allow a easy for the device to read, and process simple information. And while it would look very strange for most people, it does have a means of organized, and standard sense, just like UPC codes.

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