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Dropping Yahoo

As of October 1, 2014 – I will be ceasing operations with Yahoo. For those of the most concern, this will mean that I will no longer be using Yahoo Messenger. There are a number of reasons, but to keep things simple, Yahoo is no longer relevant in my life. The only product or service I have put to some valid use with Yahoo is Yahoo Messenger. And with the fact that I can not seem to get my initials with Yahoo, it is not even a matter of keeping the identity for the sake of unified identification. Continue reading Dropping Yahoo


Today was a busy day. I went to my brother’s girlfriend’s place where I collected some of the money she owed, and a little of what Chris owed for their bill. It would seem to now be more trouble than good, so if they keep it up, I will have to start canceling lines. While I went there, I brought a 20lb bag of dog food for Nippers, and an 8GB micro-SD card for Alexis.

I then left to go to Downtown which I had to do some copies. I will finish with the copy work tomorrow. Chris picked me up to bring me home which he spent a couple of hours here before leaving. I finished the day catching up on some podcasts – mostly related with Apple.

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs once, and went to the store to get something to drink. However, I spent the day working on a Vista PC. This computer is a quality machine, but it reminded me of why I hated Vista so much. The OS restore disc came with SP1, and I made the effort to download SP2, and still spent the day downloading updates.

The PC was finally updated, and software installed – however I had a problem with the email account set up. I did finally got everything up. As for plans for tomorrow, I will finish everything on the Vista machine, and call the person that owns the computer. Hopefully, I will be able to collect the money and relinquish the same tomorrow. If possible, I will also need to get to the grocery store, but will not be going if it is too late.


Not much happened today. I held off on doing laundry until I know whether or not the money will be needed for a Jitney. My dogs spent some time playing, and some time sleeping. I checked my bank account to make sure the money that remains is valid, and contacted technical support regarding my dogs’ micro-chip. Last, I made a change of contact with the company I use to provide my +883 number.

Not much else was done. As for plans for tomorrow, I will not expect to do much then either. My next busy day will be on Friday when I take care of my grocery shopping.

It’s a Brand New Card

I have contact cards for people who will desire to have my contact information. In such case, my goal is to provide the minimal needed information, and rely on my contact directory for all of the additional details. So, I decided to make some changes, which will include removing some information, and focus on just what a person will need to know when they receive a card from me. Everything else then goes to the Contact Directory.

So, what is on my replacement cards that I will expect to print out later this evening? Well, needless to say, my name. I will also be including my PO Box as well in case mailing is required. In addition, will be my US telephone number. ( +14122532956 ). The front of the card will also have all three of my fsp web addresses (fsp.cc, fsp.im, and fsp.tel). A small facial picture of myself will be included. While this will cost in color ink, and I don’t think I look picture worthy, I decided to do this to allow a face to go with the name. Under my picture will include personal details to compliment the picture. This will include height, weight, and race. Also demographics such as birth date, employment, and residency is also noted.

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Family Contact Directory – Minor Upgrade

The family contact directory located at http://www.pilone.tel/ has received a minor upgrade. Tel Hosting which is in control of all .tel domains as for hosting, and DNS goes added a feature to allow a small image to be posted in individual directories.

The Family Directory is very limited. There are only 5 members in the directory, and only two of them have anything that warranted complete listing. In turn, these two will have a QR code with the relevant contact information for that person. However, this information is compressed, and at least with using the Android application – it was hard to get the details to be recognized by the device.

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