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Benefits of Google

I had a conversation with someone earlier today (2017-05-03), and she mentioned that she never used Google. She mentioned that she used Yahoo. First thing that came to mind is that we must be back in 1999. Now, I used to used Yahoo until they became incompetent, and there are still those few people that will swear by it. I however feel it might be worth mentioning the real world benefits of Google.

Now, I am not a fanboy, and I do understand that Google is first and foremost an advertising company. They provide “free” services to generate anonymized user data to rent to companies. But in turn so does Yahoo, and Bing. Google is just more successful. Continue reading Benefits of Google

So Many Amazing Things, but one simple thing – beyond it.

In the world of smart phones, and even some basic phones, they can read the .vcf (Virtual Card File) format. This is the format that has become the standard for many means of moving contact entries without having to type it in again. Theoretically, I could send my contact details to someone else via vcf, and they should be able to take that file and import into their contact list whether be an address book on the computer, or the phone book on your mobile phone.

Except for the Android Phone. Why, it’s beyond me, but it would seem as if there was something that was neglected in the compatibility issue of this popular growing platform. You would figure that a company that wants to make things simple would have done this with vcf formats. So when is this obviously over looked issue going to be resolved? Who knows.

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Smart Phone System

A problem I am sure everyone has, and that would be receiving calls when they don’t want to, and from people they don’t want too. Also, having calls at times that are inappropriate. I actually had people calling for Jerome at 2:30 AM, and when I mentioned that there was no Jerome, the person wanted to carry on a conversation with me. Keep in mind – this was at 2:30 in the morning. Other things would include business or professional related calls in the evenings. There is a relatively economical way of providing a means in which everyone can reach you, but on your terms.

Throughout this blog posting, I would be noting things that may not always apply to you. This would be dependant on your exact needs, but I would address this in a way where most people would be able to relate. This would include a “Work”, “Home”, and “Mobile” number. I would also assume that you would want Family, and Very Important People to reach you no matter where. I would also assume that you don’t have nor want a POTS phone. If you have children, you should have one, or at least a landline based one. I would also assume you live in the US. Sorry majority of the world, this tip doesn’t help much for you.

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