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Not much happened today. I spent a little bit of time trying to get some work on the site done. I also watched a few recordings. I was in a bit of pain, and the soles are diminished, so I couldn’t take the dogs out. However, I am working twice as hard to get them to utilize the treadmill. It is a little tricky as I never taught a dog to use a treadmill before. In my opinion, Talisa needs it the most as she is still overly excited and full of energy even with two daily hourly walks.

As for my hunt on cages, I am seeking the best price. After looking on Craigslist, and not finding anything useful, and got an email for one offering a large cage for $50 without a bottom plate, and I will pick up, it seems discouraging there is one from Amazon for $1.22 (including S&H) with a bottom plate, and new. Since it will be shipped to me, I will obviously not have to go to pick it up. It would come to my home instead of the PO Box. I will write to the person that wrote me and give him my final answer.

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Today, not much happened. I looked around on Craigslist for a Kennel cage. This is due to the fact it will seem as if both must be in a cage. While I am not a fan of this method. If I leave them out on their own, they will start to destroy cushions, and other things. This of course is not a good thing for me financially, nor for their health. If I leave Malak leashed to the cage, he will pull on the cage which can lead to some harm. Last time I left out (yesterday), and leashed Talisa, she wrecked part of the flooring. This means I must look for a second cage. My maximum budget is $60 which is too much, but little other choice.

I also did a little bit of work, but mostly today was a lazy day. I spent some time playing with the dogs, and watched some television. I also cut the walk short since my soles needs to be replaced severely which is depressing since I only had the shoes for a few months. I checked with a shoe repair shop in Downtown, and he will need the shoes for a day, and since this is my only pair – I can not do that. I will call Colaizzi Pedorthic on Monday, and figure what my options are. I will see if I could make payment arrangements, but if not – I will have short another company again – especially with the setting aside $60 on the cage to reduce further damages.

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