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April 2017

This month could have been a better month, but I made due. A number of things have happened which is probably worth mentioning. Some of these changes will also have an impact on my goal of getting out of debt which will cause some setbacks. Also, someone out of the blue have contacted me which was not expected and finally got an appointment I needed for a few months, but will have to wait on the appointment.

First, for the contacts. My brother as usual will call about once a month, and offer some vague promise of visiting. This month, he called twice with the same vague promise which never happened. This is normal lately. He is also making some choices I would not agree with, but he is his own person, and he knows my opinion. I also received a call for a psychiatrist appointment which will hopefully address some of the severe anxiety issues I have. I won’t see the psychiatrist until the second week of May. I had been in need of a new one since January. Since I am not running around with a shot gun, I guess I am not a priority. A distant family member also got a hold of me by email asking if I had the contact information of my Aunt (Mother’s sister). This is not something I have, and have yet to hear back from her. I would assume as with most of my family, she won’t need of me any longer. Continue reading April 2017

August 2015

The psychologist wanted me to pull back on the treatment that was pursued. In addition, the pain in the ankles has been increasing which I will be telling my anesthesiologist about it when I see him. There was also an issue with the upstairs neighbor, and while it was temporary (hopefully), it is situations as this that makes me desire so much of having my own house, that way I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of another’s actions.

On a better note, I might be able to have loan forgiveness with my student loan. According to TransUnion, I have $34.000 in debt, and $30,000 of which is the student loan. If this can be effectively addressed, it could make life a little easier. Also, been corresponding with a local person by email. It’s fine in that manner, and have no issues in the person’s preference of communications.

Consequences with Loyalty to Capital One

A number of years ago, I have been approved for a Capital One card. I can’t recall the exact date, but I know it has been at least 5 years, but wouldn’t be surprised if it has been 10 years. So, why would I be so upset? Well, in recent times, I have been treated in a manner that is inappropriate in how I have dealt with Capital One. Unfortunately, this is not going to change things, but it will force me to literally make financial decision based on whether or not it is acceptable to Capital One.

Now Capital One wants to claim, they are doing so much for me. My interest rate is 13.9% which I am sure is pretty good in comparison to other people. Although, let’s face it, it ought to be. Nonetheless, this is of no consequence to me as I will explain later. There is also traveler’s insurance, roadside assistance and extended warranty of certain products. I will get to that later in this post.

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Plans for a new phone

It will come a time when I will want to replace my current phone with a new phone. There are various reasons of why, but in the end, the G2x has been a regret, and I see no real possibility for LG nor T-Mobile to update the OS.

So, to avoid problems of updates and crapware that the carrier installs – I will be buying a Nexus Phone. Here is something interesting, T-Mobile will be offering the Nexus Phone, and free of the problems that the Galaxy Nexus had on Sprint, and Verizon. However, I will not be buying the Nexus phone from T-Mobile.

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Not much happened today. I took the dogs for a couple of walks, and ran an errand with the last $10 I had. I watched a couple of videos, but mostly listened to music. I also managed to chat with a friend. And last, I made a plan for attacking my credit card that I still have to eliminate the balance owed. Eventually, the card will be used to address recurring bills such as my hosting, or Netflix bills.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will likely stay home, but will be waiting for a transfer to be recognized, and waiting for a deposit to be made.

Capital One, You’re Going Down!

Last month, I had made a final payment on a loan – so I thought (more on that in another post). Now, I have a EIP payment with my current phone and my carrier which has one or two payments remaining of $25 each at 0% interests, it would seem as if I have funds that was once to a loan now available for something else.

This will be a Capital One Credit Credit which is currently used to address automatic bills after the first week. However, there has been issues that put me in using the card for other reasons as well. This has made me have a high balance due (in comparison to the $500 line of credit). However, with the loan out of the question, I will be able to essentially double my minimum monthly payment to them.

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Google Wallet, if Done Right, May Become Perfect

For those of you who don’t know what Google Wallet is, it is a system that works with Google Checkout, and an NFC enabled Android Phone. You insert your credit cards, and debit cards, and as you pay for things, the information stored is used. With Android Phones, all retailers that support Pay Pass (MasterCard Wireless Payment) will be able to use Google Wallet. However, you do not have to use MasterCard, but you can American Express, Discover, and VISA.

Now, Google is rumored to eventually offer a physical card that will work as if it was the phone’s version – but a piece of plastic (just like your credit/debit card). So, why would someone use this Google Wallet card rather than the standard card? Well, first – most likely – people will want to use their Android phone, but for the other phones, this is an alternative. Also, at least in my perspective, I will only have to carry one card rather than 2. And while this may seem to be rumors, here is what I think Google should do to make it a perfect card.

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September 21

Just when things probably shouldn’t have got worse, they do. It will seem as if first, I am having problems with my teeth which of course means I needed to get an appointment which is going to be mid October. In addition, T-Mobile decides they want to screw up again, and then there is the fact that I seem to have to hold one of the company’s hand in doing something, and I have even more of a poor quality service than I thought with the DSL line.

Well, as for the dental appointment, I will be having to wait until mid October, and I am sure that the dentist will say I should be doing something I already do. In which case, I will tell him, and then remind him I don’t need a parent. I guess one can tell that I don’t have many good relations with dentists.

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Didn’t see that coming (Danger Data Loss)?

Original Articles ( http://fsp.tw/57 and http://fsp.tw/58 )

For more than a week, Hip-Top, and Sidekick devices had been all screwed up. They are in constant need to communicate with a Danger server for everything from contacts, messages, and anything other than the most basic turn the device on. To me, this sounds like an experiment on the use of Cloud Computing where all of your content and data relies on the web. Applications also relies on connection with this server. Really, no one seen the problem here.

A week since the problem existed, and Microsoft (owners of the Danger Platform) is unsure if retrieval of the data is possible, and encourages all device owners to keep their device on at all costs to preserve what data is on the phone. This means, that if for any reason they turn the phone off, it would be reset back to the factory default standards. First, through out this whole blog, I do not blame T-Mobile. Their only wrong doing was being suckered into marketing this toy as a real phone.

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