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Sex Sells? Guess Again

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/32 )

An auction was halted by creditors of sex.com. This was because creditors has a $10.1Million claim on the company that owned the domain, and the best it sold for was $6Million even though there is an estimated value of $14 – $18Million. The reason for this is companies simply aren’t paying for premium domains the way they used too. So, I guess there was a pull out before a bunch of little sex.com domains came out?

What I don’t get, and I am not sure why anyone hasn’t done this already, but hasn’t the owners of sex.com considered maybe becoming the domain registry authority for a unique new TLD? Considering that ICANN would allow anyone with $500,000 to create their own domain extension provided they can manage it – should now make sense. Follow me for a moment.

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