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A Letter to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is my cellular carrier for my cell phone which is also my home phone. No, I don’t give my T-Mobile number out, that is another company that does that, but if you read this post in full (by selecting the read more link), you would find all of the things I have to say hopefully to suggestions on T-Mobile.

For those that don’t know, T-Mobile is a national true cellular carrier within the US. In the US, there are 4 such carriers which are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile (biggest to smallest). Everyone else is either regional providers (has towers but not national coverage), or VMNO (rents the cell towers from someone else). So for those that wish to read a 3 page letter, by all means – enjoy

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Unlimited at a Cost

Yesterday as mentioned in a previous blog posting, I had acquired a new phone for my brother. It is from a carrier called Cricket Communications which has plans from $30 – $60, although any plan under $45 is simply not worth it. I personally dealt with them, and didn’t like the quality of service, but my brother is OK with it. One of the advantages (the very few) that Cricket offers is unlimited calling at even the $30 plan. In my brother’s case, he got unlimited calling, directory assistance, and text messaging.

The phone itself is junk though. The cheapest phone was about $75 – $80 and lacks features that most people would  take for granted such as Bluetooth, camera, and a web browser or even IM. The phone is the lowest quality, and probably similar models won’t be found on even the free models. The phone wouldn’t have even been worth it if it didn’t come with a free month. Of course, what would one expect from a phone called EZ. (probably pronounced EE-ZEE)

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