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Week 35 – 2014

This week has been a bit frustrating. After receiving a scripted reply from Assurant on where my refund on my deductible is – I filed a chargeback request from Google. It will seem as if Google has really shitty policies in dealing with card issues on their customers in situations similar to mine. With this in mind, I am seriously considering recording phone calls when I contact companies such as Assurant. I will obviously have to inform them of the call being recorded, and receive consent for such. This will matters more difficult, but Google is asking if I have proof that they will refund me when I returned their inferior product. Since everything was done by phone, there is no such proof. I will have to do such in future major transactions.

On a good note, T-Mobile has refunded the out of warranty charge they imposed on me for Assurant’s incompetency. While I am very appreciative as an extra $150 would have been a big hit on me, T-Mobile should not have to have done this. I am now seriously considering legal actions against Assurant. While I did get the issue resolved through the grace of T-Mobile, Assurant has still done wrong. I still have the Nexus 4 my brother uses and my Nexus 7 on the JUMP program which uses Assurant, so I am hoping that not only can I hopefully get the devices upgraded to new Nexus devices, but hopefully use another company for insurance. The problem will be the $100+ cost for paying the insurance all at once.

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Today was a busy day. I woke up early which was a good thing. After letting the two out in the back yard, I took them out for a walk. Malak still feels a need to do his business on the walk which I am not too fond of. After the walk, they had some time for themselves before I let them out one more time, and then having to leave for an appointment.

My appointment is for a dental surgeon that will do some work that the regular dentist can’t do. My appointment was for 8:30AM. I arrived at 8:!5AM, and finally seen the doctor at 9:30AM. Yes, that would be 1 hour later than the appointment. I personally would have expected better from Montifeore Hospital.

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Not much happened today. Chris didn’t get the money for the phone, so when I see him – he and I are going to have a serious conversation about his lack of consideration. Talisa has been acting funny. This evening, she wanted to stay in her kennel. I am assuming she just wants to be alone which is fine. I walked the dogs twice today, and of course they had time to play. Not much else happened though.

Another problem arose. About 11:00AM, my phone decided to die and not turn back on. Since the phone is still under warranty, T-Mobile said they will send a new on. The representative told me before Tuesday, but I doubt that. He gave an order number, so I will call T-Mobile again tomorrow, and make sure. I feel as if I have to call T-Mobile to make sure what they say they will do will be done. My experience with their customer service has been poor in my opinion to say the least. In the meantime, I am stuck with just my home phone.

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Not much happened today. I was home most of the day although I went to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription. It’s due to be filled on the 9th, but that is a Sunday, and I have to do grocery shopping on the 11th, so that is when I will pick up my prescription.

I walked the dogs, and of course gave them time to play. Not much else happened, especially with today being so hot. I received my electric bill electronically, and I could either pay $15.75 or pay $31.67 as a budget amount – you know because the more expensive option is s much smarter. I made the necessary adjustments to my calendar entry for tomorrow so I have one place to compare all of the variable bills.

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A bit more than I expected happened today. All of it was in the evening. As for the day, I gave the dogs some time to play and burn energy since I wouldn’t be able to walk them. I also had some pain with the ankles, and a headache, but this is something I simply dealt with.

However, in the evening, I received a call from T-Mobile. A couple of weeks ago, I answered a couple of surveys and I had to rate them from 1-5. I rated both the phone, and service as 2. I got a call from T-Mobile wanting to help me address this problem I obviously had. Those who knows me knows that I have a LG/T-Mobile G2x which I had become disgusted with it. I explained of why I was disgusted, and noted that it was an inferior phone to what is expected with the price I paid for it. The person I spoke with made an attempt that while not completely satisfactory, it was acceptable. I will be getting an expected sufficient replacement before March 2. As for the service, their Value plan is not much of a value. You pay a 10-15% less in comparison to the Classic Plan, but you must pay full price for the phone and you must commit a 2 year contract. I explained I find this tactic as appalling, ludicrous, and no phone in the world will change that fact.

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T-Mobile Committing Suicide

T-Mobile at one time was a game changer. They were the first company to introduce the Blackberry Phone which at the time was a desired phone. They also came out with the first two Android Devices. They were the ones to first offer unlimited voice, and unlimited data services. However, ever since T-Mobile considered being sold to AT&T, they seem to be going on a path to commit suicide.

Now, I like T-Mobile. Out of the major carriers, they are the best option if you have good coverage, but they have been doing a lot of things that hadn’t been good for the consumer, or themselves. The upcoming merger with MetroPCS (a regional cellular carrier) is about the best thing they done all year. At least once that finalizes, they will not only have a very limited LTE market, but it will be the only Voice Over LTE provider (at least where there will be LTE).

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One Main Financial, Liar and Thief? You decide!


This page has a few vulgar words, and this post will not be appropriate for children, nor anyone who are easily offended by such language. In which case, you will definitely want to avoid the last paragraph.

About 5 years ago, I had to get a loan to try to settle personal issues. I got a second one to address some debt I had that I was trying to consolidate and reduce. As time went on, it will become apparent that no matter what I will do, if I can’t address the student loan, any other financial issues will not matter if they are addressed (as far as a Credit Score goes). Nonetheless, I wanted to keep things right with One Main Financial.

During the whole period of the loan, I changed the bank, got a letter from the bank disclosing the R&T/Account number, and strived for the most smooth transition possible. Nothing wrong there. In addition, I had one month deferment while they were Citi Financial, and while I had to move to Troy Hill, I tried to get an extension on the loan for the security deposit and first month rent (which I had some of it already). They refused. I then tried to get a deferment of 3 months which they refused. Fine, despite me being a very good customer, and addressing any issue that may have appeared immediately by going there personally on a couple of buses, fine. I obviously learned they no longer wished my business after this loan was settled.

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First Impressions – Freedom Pop

Today, I had received the Freedom Pop Photon 4G router. While I did not get a chance to actually put it in real world testing, I did get a chance to make sure it works. There are a couple of things to note. First, I am on the free 500MB plan. I do not have any acceleration or guaranteed speeds. Second is the actual router or device. Both of these are influencing factors. My planned usage of this service is to provide my notebook with Internet capabilities when I am not home. While I am out, I will obviously make sure I am not doing any streaming since after 500MB, I will be charged 2¢ per MB.

Now, let’s look at the service itself. It is using Clear’s Wimax service which I have never been impressed with the service. At least with this router, or company, things are a little better, but still nothing breath taking. A speedtest.net after 5 minutes with an Amber (OK signal), I got 76ms ping, 4.06MB download, and 590kbps upload. This again is not impressive especially since HSPA+ had seen 75ms and 10/3MBPS. If one was to use VOIP, and this is a regular connection, it is suitable, although the ping is higher than I will like, it is still below 100ms.

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Not much happened today. I had some problems with two different companies which was never resolved. I will wait until later to address that. All of my bills (with exception of hosting, and Hulu+) has paid out. Although, this will leave me with about $10 in the bank. I would have to collect Andrea’s portion of her phone money on Friday which most of that will be for the dog food.

I had done some work on a web site, and shut down another site. The site shut down would be due to the lack of real purpose, while the new one will seem to not only serve for a personal purpose, but may even give some ideas to other people.

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