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Daily No More

On 2014-02-22, the last daily post was made. This post was published on 2014-02-23. The reason of this is very little day to day activity occurs where there is a warrant for a daily post. Most of the time lately, it has been an effort to gather a few sentences, and the next day’s plans are of little better. Essentially, writing a daily post has become a monotonous trial. And of course, some people can attribute that to my boring life, and in that instance, I will agree with them. However, it does not change the facts any.

In turn, from this point on – there will be a weekly update which will cover days Sunday – Saturday. Such post will be published either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. In turn though, when there is something that happens in my life that I feel warrants publishing, I will do so. If it is something that is just general activity, then it will be under the Just Life Category. I will also of course write blog postings on other subjects as the effort arises.

New Format for Daily Updates

Starting today’s Daily update (coming in a few hours of this post), there will be a new format for how daily updates are done. The daily update is the posts that a person will read with regards to what happened during the day, and almost always updated the very next day.

The new titles (which the URL is based off of) will be in the format of the year-month-date. Therefore, if it was December 31, 2010 – than the Title will look like 2010-12-31. However, I am not planning on making the changes on previous pages as there are almost 200 of them. Continue reading New Format for Daily Updates