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Breaking News: Advertising Deceptive!

I am writing this post because the Attorney General deemed that T-Mobile’s Uncarrier plan has been deemed deceptive when advertising. Now, mind you, T-Mobile pushed the most advantageous light, but let’s face it – every carrier has done this. And most companies do this now.

For example, when companies were running out screaming they had 4G before they acquired LTE is deceptive. And if you think about it, any time a carrier says free phone, that is deceptive. And the reason of why is you are stuck with with a 2 year contract with little or no way to exit it. If you do leave, you are typically required to pay a high early termination fee.

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T-Mobile Committing Suicide

T-Mobile at one time was a game changer. They were the first company to introduce the Blackberry Phone which at the time was a desired phone. They also came out with the first two Android Devices. They were the ones to first offer unlimited voice, and unlimited data services. However, ever since T-Mobile considered being sold to AT&T, they seem to be going on a path to commit suicide.

Now, I like T-Mobile. Out of the major carriers, they are the best option if you have good coverage, but they have been doing a lot of things that hadn’t been good for the consumer, or themselves. The upcoming merger with MetroPCS (a regional cellular carrier) is about the best thing they done all year. At least once that finalizes, they will not only have a very limited LTE market, but it will be the only Voice Over LTE provider (at least where there will be LTE).

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One Main Financial, Liar and Thief? You decide!


This page has a few vulgar words, and this post will not be appropriate for children, nor anyone who are easily offended by such language. In which case, you will definitely want to avoid the last paragraph.

About 5 years ago, I had to get a loan to try to settle personal issues. I got a second one to address some debt I had that I was trying to consolidate and reduce. As time went on, it will become apparent that no matter what I will do, if I can’t address the student loan, any other financial issues will not matter if they are addressed (as far as a Credit Score goes). Nonetheless, I wanted to keep things right with One Main Financial.

During the whole period of the loan, I changed the bank, got a letter from the bank disclosing the R&T/Account number, and strived for the most smooth transition possible. Nothing wrong there. In addition, I had one month deferment while they were Citi Financial, and while I had to move to Troy Hill, I tried to get an extension on the loan for the security deposit and first month rent (which I had some of it already). They refused. I then tried to get a deferment of 3 months which they refused. Fine, despite me being a very good customer, and addressing any issue that may have appeared immediately by going there personally on a couple of buses, fine. I obviously learned they no longer wished my business after this loan was settled.

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