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Today was a slightly busy day. I walked the dogs into the morning, and eventually had to go for a doctor’s appointment. The Troy Hill bus was a few moments late, but it was OK as I still caught the Freeport Road to get to the appointment on time. After that, I went to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled, but it would seem as if my insurance will not cover it until tomorrow. This means I have to make a special trip tomorrow. I got home, watched a few podcasts, and eventually updated my player that I use at night time.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the grocery store, and to the pharmacy. The grocery store is to get dog food, while the pharmacy is of course for the prescription that needs to be filled.


Not much happened today. I held off on doing laundry until I know whether or not the money will be needed for a Jitney. My dogs spent some time playing, and some time sleeping. I checked my bank account to make sure the money that remains is valid, and contacted technical support regarding my dogs’ micro-chip. Last, I made a change of contact with the company I use to provide my +883 number.

Not much else was done. As for plans for tomorrow, I will not expect to do much then either. My next busy day will be on Friday when I take care of my grocery shopping.