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Week 16 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I bought groceries, but kept forgetting something. I also had to get a belt, a wallet, and I bought a dog scoop for my brother’s dog. Tuesday was a rainy day, so the dogs didn’t get their walk. On Wednesday, I had to be home much of the time, and in addition, I had a dental appointment to get my dentures. On Thursday, I made up for the raining day on Tuesday with the dogs visiting Downtown via the Strip District. On Friday, they went to visit my brother’s place with Nippers.

In addition, I was able to acquire the domain fsp.house which is a brand new domain extension. This domain registration (while more expensive) will replace fsphome.com. This will also help in consolidating the domains I have to hopefully my initials. I was hoping to acquire fsp.link, but this wasn’t available. I do have intentions on acquiring new domain extensions as well. Not much else happened. I had managed to make a couple of essential calls, and the dogs had been introduced to their new food.

As for next week, I will have an appointment or two to deal with. I will also be expecting a package (on one of the days for the appointment, and the dogs will get a couple of long walks this week. Otherwise – not much this planned for the week considering it is close to the end of the month.

Week 14 – 2014

This week was a bit of a busy week. Almost every day, I was out doing something. Exceptions to this was on Sunday. On Monday, the dogs got a long walk. This was a bit different from their normal one as they had a walk as far as Downtown. On Tuesday, I had a dental appointment for denture fittings. On Wednesday, I had an appointment with my primary care doctor which wanted me to see a specialist for an ear problem I have. On Thursday, I made the appointment which they wanted me to come in the next morning. In addition, the dogs got a longer walk – this time just to the Giant Eagle. In addition, Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. On Friday, I had the appointment with the ear doctor which some medicine was prescribed. After which, I had to run an errand. On Saturday, I had to wait for FedEx to deliver a package. This package was rawhide sticks for the dogs, a USB Charging hub, and cooking rings which is used for pancakes, and eggs. After that, I went to the Laundromat which I had to do my laundry.

On other events, I received a letter from Duquesne Electric accepting me into the CAP program which helps with reducing the electric bill. I also got cleats on my shoes which was needed especially considering that I do have to walk a lot with the dogs. I got my SSI benefits which went to my bills, and credit cards. Otherwise, this has been a productive, but hard weekend. There were a few days where I had to supplement my pain medicine with Ibuprofen.

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Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls. One was for a dental appointment. This is to remove an impacted wisdom tooth. This appointment is for later this month. I also made a couple of other calls, but that was my morning. I also did a little work on my web site. It was too cold to take the dogs for a walk, so they instead got to play outside for a while. I also watched a couple of shows from Hulu.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will likely remain home, especially with the possibility of near 0 temperature (Fahrenheit). I will be doing some work on my website, and will have to make a couple of calls. However, for the most part – the day will be rather quiet.


Not much happened today. For the most part, it was a waste. I walked the dogs early in the morning, and while I wanted to walk them in the afternoon when I returned, it was raining, so that wasn’t possible. I had a dental checkup which went as expected. I went to Chris’ place, to pick up some of the phone bill money owed, but never received it. I then went to Downtown to get cleats on my shoes before returning home to feed the dogs.

As for plans for tomorrow, no real plans. I will likely remain home for the most part. I would have like to put the money that needed to go into the bank, but this will not be possible.


Today was a busy day. I woke up early which was a good thing. After letting the two out in the back yard, I took them out for a walk. Malak still feels a need to do his business on the walk which I am not too fond of. After the walk, they had some time for themselves before I let them out one more time, and then having to leave for an appointment.

My appointment is for a dental surgeon that will do some work that the regular dentist can’t do. My appointment was for 8:30AM. I arrived at 8:!5AM, and finally seen the doctor at 9:30AM. Yes, that would be 1 hour later than the appointment. I personally would have expected better from Montifeore Hospital.

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Today was a somewhat busy day. I had replaced Chris’ phone with a new one. The defective phone should hopefully go out on Monday. Chris spent some time here and was able to leave with all of the updates needed.

He took me down the hill to where we part ways with him returning to his home, and me going to my dental appointment where I had a filling that needed to be done. Afterwards, I went back home via the bus system, took the dogs out for a walk and fed them.

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A bit happened today. I had a couple of errands, and had a dental appointment to go to. As for the errands, I needed to go to the grocery store to get dog food, soup, and peanut butter. The soup could have been acquired a couple of days ago, but as I was hoping, it was on sale. After the grocery store, I went to the local hardware store to get some recycle bags. Almost all of my garbage is recyclable, so the larger bags most typically will associate with garbage bags is what I use. The dog food, and bags however cost almost $40 – all together. The food also cost about $20, but thankfully, this was paid for with the food benefits I have.

After the stores, I made it to the dental appointment 15 minutes early. I spent about 90 minutes with several tooth extractions – two of them being extremely stubborn. When I got home, I let the dogs out, fed them, ate soup, and eventually walked them later in the evening. I didn’t do any work on any web sites, but since I had to leave at 8:50AM, and got home about 4 hours later, and with a lot of pain, and sick feeling – it will seem apparent of why.

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Today I had a couple of things that needed to be done. First, I had a dental appointment. This was to check and make sure the extraction sites were healing properly. After that, I had to find a UPS drop box. First, I went to Allegheny General Hospital which didn’t have one (at least based on the location information gave me). I went to Downtown to look for one. 2 of the four places I looked were locked, and one of them didn’t have a drop box I finally went to the United States Federal building. I seriously need to find a more convenient drop box for UPS especially if this should happen again.

Otherwise, I didn’t do much once I got home. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely need to go to the grocery store to get a couple of things I didn’t get the last time. This will likely be in the afternoon though. Hopefully, the ground is solid enough to allow the dogs to play.


Today was a serious day. After walking the dogs, I had to go for my dental appointment (yes, I had two in a row). This one was to work on some fillings, but found that a one of my bad teeth was becoming a growing concern, so they extracted the one of concern, and the other two (scheduled to be extracted) as well. The one that was of concern took about 20 minutes to remove, and required stitching.

After the surgery, I had to go to the grocery store to get dog food. I also needed to get some soup since I won’t be eating solids for a couple of days. I returned home, and eventually fed the dogs – although I didn’t ate till a bit later. I also took a nap to fight the numbness, and did a little bit of work on the documents. Last, the evening was spent making a phone call to my brother who won’t be able to pay me for the phone until Saturday (due Friday). Since the bill is already paid (a week ago), him and I are going to have to have a talk about that.

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A bit has happened today. I had a dental appointment which took some time. After that, I had to make a small deposit with the bank. After that, I had a prescription that had to be filled. The prescription took much longer than it needed to, but at least I didn’t miss the bus I was expecting to catch.

The dogs got their walk in the morning, while I fed them in the afternoon. As for plans for tomorrow, I have another dental appointment and after that, I will have to get some dog food for the dogs. I emptied the bag a couple of days ago, but want to make sure that there is always dog food available.