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Week 20 -2014

Not much happened this week. I had a dental appointment in the North Side which I also dropped off my prescription that will need to be filled next week, and I got the last of my groceries. I also done some work on a couple of my websites which I have been working on advancing as well as preparation for a hopeful future site to come into being. Otherwise, things have been relatively quiet, and dull. As for plans for next week, I will have to go back to the dental office to get my dentures adjusted, and hopefully functioning properly. I will also have to do laundry, but for the most part – little else is planned.

Week 11 – 2014

This week was a bit eventful. Even though Capital One denied me receiving the Quicksilver card (the one with cash back), and received a notice of the denial, I received another application request, and got the card I applied for. So, go figure. This week has been relatively busy otherwise. On Monday, I had to go to my anesthesiologist for a regular check up, and prescription. While on the bus to that appointment, I made an appointment for the dentist for the next day for some mold castings. In addition, on Monday, I bought a new pair of jeans, a package of socks, and razors (cheap ones) that will be used if the set I ordered does not come in time.

On Tuesday, it was just as busy. First, I went to register with the CAP Program. This will help make my electric bill a little more affordable. The representative suggested that I don’t pay next month’s bill which will be a shocker to me. However, I will follow their advise – at least for one month. That money will however go to my credit card. I also had to call a specialized pharmacy to verify some information for a special medicine I will receive for my pain. This will be in conjunction with my regular pain medicine. I then returned home, walked the dogs, and took a little nap. I woke up to go to the dentist which I forgot my shopping cart. I therefore will have to go another day. The dental appointment was better than most of the appointments as there was no real discomfort as they had to file a couple of the teeth down for the mold castings.

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Week 10 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I had to get dog food before my appointment. I had my appointment on Wednesday, but didn’t have enough for both dogs for when Monday came. Therefore, I left at 7:25AM to get the 7:30AM bus to get me to the grocery store. It is actually nice to get to the store this early. While I got dog food, I also picked up some food to hold over until mid next week. Wednesday, I went to the dentist which I just needed some fillings. In addition, I tried to get a different type of dentures approved which didn’t happen.

I also ordered what I thought to be a Bluetooth Keyboard. In addition to the keyboard, I ordered a 6” micro-USB cable, and a case that was supposed to function as a stand for my Sero 7. The keyboard was for the Nexus 7 so I could give it a bigger role. However, the keyboard failed to be a Bluetooth Keyboard. After contacting Amazon with this issue, I received an RMA. I did informed them that this was one of the results I received when I searched for Bluetooth Keyboard. However, I had to print out a UPS label which meant I needed to go to Downtown to print the label (since I have no printer), and since the keyboard will not fit in a drop box, I went to Manchester to drop off at the UPS customer service station. Taking a 13 there, I had to walk a bit – and to return, I was able to take the 18 which I then transferred to the LRT line at Allegheny Station. I had to wait, so I decided to get lunch. Considering I have only a little bit of food, this was just a pain on the wallet so to say.

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Today could have been a better day. UPS came, but the driver couldn’t locate the phone which was out for delivery. I didn’t expect it, but it would have been good to have it nonetheless. The driver however took back the USB hub that I had returned. After the failed UPS delivery, I let the dogs out so I can leave for my dental surgery. I had to get my wisdom tooth extracted and since the tooth was impacted, it was an outpatient procedure. The surgery took about an hour, and I had a prescription for anti-biotics which I will start tomorrow.

After the procedure, I went to my Andrea’s to collect the last month’s phone payment, and it also had a minor payment towards this billing month. They also told me of a problem which I had helped in resolving. After leaving Andrea’s, I walked to the local Rite-Aid in Bloomfield to get my prescription filled, and get a couple of cans of soup since I should be on a lite food diet for a few days (so the extraction can heal). I then had to wait about 20 minutes for a 54C, and another 20 minutes for the 4. I left home about noon, and got home about 5:30PM. Obviously with the pain, I wasn’t in the mood for much of anything.

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Not much happened today. I had to go to a dental appointment, and my kitchen sink froze up. This was a bit inconvenient to say the least. I am hoping that the pipes will function tomorrow. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will likely be home with the exception of getting a couple of things I should have got while I was in the Northside.


Today was a slightly unexpected day. I went to the dentist as normal, however the dentist was concerned about infection in one of the extraction sites which was the most stubborn. With some anesthesia, she cleaned out the area, and inserted a medicated gauze pad that should fall out in a day or two. I am to call on Monday to see if there are any openings for Wednesday. However, with the procedure, I wasn’t much in the mood to address another issue. I will instead have to do that on Monday. I also had to get an extension on the anti-biotics which will cover for the weekend.

On a lighter side, the dogs had an opportunity to play with a neighbor’s dog before getting a walk which I wanted them to have before I went to the appointment. However, it will seem as if the ring holding Malak’s tags broke which I will need to get a new one for him.

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Not much happened today. The landlord came by to fix the upstairs bathroom which was leaking into my kitchen. I also had to go to Downtown to get cleats on, and make some copies. I then then had to go to the dentist, and if I would have brought the shopping cart, I could have picked up the dog food as well. However, this didn’t happen.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the grocery store which I need to get dog food. I will also have to wait for UPS which has a delivery from Amazon. I will also have to do a couple of things as well.


A bit happened today. I allowed the dogs to play in the back yard a couple of times today. I however had an appointment in the late afternoon which meant I couldn’t really give them a good walk. They also had a late dinner. As for my appointment, it was a dental appointment which they repaired 2 more teeth. I in turn have 7 more repairs to go through which will involve three more visits. After that will be extractions of teeth too bad for repairs.

I also had the bad news of Google killing their reader service which meant I went on the hunt for an effective RSS reader. I tried Mozilla Thunderbird which proved useless. I am now trying Feedly which I am not fond of the layout. Last, I made a deposit of money which most of it went to my credit card to attack the balance owed on it. I however still have about $100 in bills to pay off this month which is charged to the credit card. However, every little step counts.

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Not much happened today. I had two doctor appointments. The first one was a dental appointment, while the second one was for the anesthesiologist. I left at 9AM, and got home almost 3PM. I wasn’t much in the mood to do much else when I got home.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, but will otherwise be home. Not much else planned for the day.


Not much happened today. I had to go to a dentist appointment. I also had to get a prescription filled. I wanted to get dog food, but the money didn’t transfer to the credit card yet which all of the money went to it.

I also had to do a couple of other things, and when I left, I left Malak, and Talisa out of the kennel cages as to test them. I believe it was Talisa that was mostly to blame for wrecking the place.

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