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Not much happened today. My kitchen sink froze again. In turn, the landlord brought a heater over, but it will be concern for the electric bill. UPS came and delivered a tablet case which so far, I am not fond of, and the phone for Alexis. After the delivery, I went to East Ohio Street where I deposit the money I received yesterday as well as get some soup which I need considering the tooth extraction. Otherwise, not much happened.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will hopefully see Alexis to where I can help her set up the new phone. I am also hoping it will be warm enough to take the two for a walk. Otherwise, not much is planned. I will be resting from the extraction though.


Not much happened today. The dogs got their rawhide sticks which they get one every few days to keep their teeth clean. In addition, I had to go to Downtown to get some copies done. At which point, I will need to address those documents. I also needed to go to the bank to make a deposit. Most of that money will be going to the credit card. Speaking of credit card, I had received a credit line increase which will actually help out a lot.

Once I got home, I dealt with the documents that I needed to deal with, and went on Amazon where I got a few things including a new Kong Toy, Shampoo, two dog back packs (for when weather gets better), a USB hub which will be charging the increasing collection of items that charge via USB, and a blanket. Obviously this was done on the credit card which I will have to make some major payments in return. However, everything will have a big purpose to serve.

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A bit happened today. I got a deposit from Andrea whom paid most of the money she owed, but said she will pay the rest on Friday. However, this deposit allowed me to go to the main street, make a purchase, and pull out $20 from my Wallet which all of the money received transferred to Google Wallet.

Otherwise, not much else happened. The return on the Lenovo Tablet was received in Lexington Kentucky which was the destination city. This will mean it will be returned to Amazon tomorrow. Amazon already processed my credit on my Amazon credit, while the amount charged to my credit card should be refunded by Friday.

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Not much happened today. I received money that was owed to me. I in turn, took the money to the bank to deposit it. Those funds were then used to pay my electric and ISP bill. I also went to the grocery store to get a couple of things that was needed. I was able to do everything in the hour before the next Troy Hill came back.

Not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be home for the most part. I will be paying my rent, T-Mobile bill, and my Capital One bill. I am hoping to be able to get the extended warranty on my PC in the next week. I will also have to make a phone call or two which I will hopefully be able to do in the morning.


Not much happened today. I waited for someone who said he was going to stop down to drop something off which he never showed. This is actual not that unusual as he takes a week or so to do what he says he will. It would have been nice as I could have done more than one thing at a time.

In the afternoon, I went to the bank to make a deposit. This deposit doesn’t grant me much money as almost all of it will go to the credit card account. I am still in starvation mode which means I have no discretionary spending. On top of that, I still need to address the 3 year ADP warranty for my notebook.

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Today was a somewhat busy day. I wanted to walk the dogs, but it started raining. I also waited until the last minute to make a deposit into the bank. My hopes was that Andrea would have paid her bill before hand, but she finally called about 8PM to give me a Western Union number. So, I will have to make a separate trip (costing me more money) to pick up the transaction. While I am out though, I will need to go to Downtown to print out the complaint letter I will be sending to T-Mobile. It would seem as if their complaint department is still in the 1980’s and has no email address. I am able to do this as I received my 1GB thumb drive.

I also worked on another document, but this will take a while to complete. This document will eventually become available to the public. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to get the Western Union Money payment, go to Downtown and get the 4 page letter printed, and send it by Certified letter. I will use cash for the letter, and the mail. Otherwise, I will not have much planned unless I am able to give the dogs a long walk.


A bit happened today, at least during the morning. In a sense, I didn’t want to go as I still had a bit of pain, however I sucked it up. I had a few errands that had to be done in order to make life reasonable over the next days, and future. Before I left, I gave the dogs a rawhide stick. They get one every few days to keep their teeth clean.

About 9AM, I left to take a bus to go to a post office. It was actually a sub-station with the postal clerk complaining that I only had a $100 bill when I wanted to pay for $70 worth of services. I personally feel it wasn’t my fault that he couldn’t complete my order fully. I think from now on, I will check to see if I could just purchase online through the post office’s web site. It wouldn’t have solved all of my problems, but it would have solved what I would consider as stupidity on the worker’s part.

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Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store, and deposit some money in the bank. The bank deposit was from the work I work I done on the Vista PC including the money I put in for the restore discs, and the .name domain for the client. As for grocery shopping, I bought a week’s worth of groceries, and trying to invest in reasonable cost drinks that is relatively healthy which is seeming to be the hard part.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect to be home for the day. Chris is supposed to stop down, and will hopefully pay some of the money he owes. If so, I can do laundry. I will also be working on a couple of web sites


Today was a busy day, but not much happened. I first went to the bank to make a deposit, and then dropped off some mail. After that, I had to take a bus to a doctor’s appointment. The doctor gave me one month worth of medicine which I will have to see him again next month.

After that, I went to the grocery store about a block away, and picked up some toothpaste. I ran out this morning, so this was important. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a few phone calls, and plan to be home for the most part.