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First Impression – Amazon Kindle

Yesterday afternoon, I had received my Amazon Kindle e-ink based reader. While I will admit I hadn’t used it as much as I would want to, this is due to my resources rather than the product. I had received the option to take the device with a down payment, and 5 more monthly payments of $18/payment. First, I bought the device for one reason which is fine considering the limited role it has. I bought it to be an e-book reader. While I could read books on my PC, phone, or Nexus 7 tablet, the desire to have as close to a paper interface as possible was important.

Essentially, this is intended to be a book reader device rather than anything further. In addition, this is intended to have a much longer battery life, and a much more pleasant viewing where e-ink does not have nearly the same kind of strain as LCD screens. I had purchased the basic model without any ads on the screen. This will cost about $100 after the purchase price, and taxes. The tablet has a screen saver where a random b&w image on the screen. The device has a page back, and a page forward on each side. There is a back button, a keyboard button, a 5 way cursor, a menu button, and home button. The bottom has a power button, and micro-USB port. There is nothing on top, nor is there any 3.5mm jack. In addition, there is 1.25GB of usable storage which is integrated. This will provide for about 1200 books. There is no expansion storage.

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What Should Be in the Next Android OS

My life is good as for the regards to my cellular phone. I own the Nexus 4 which means I will always get the most recent version of the Android Operating System. With Android 4.2, I found a number of features that I really like, but I personally will like to see some features integrated with Android that would make the phone OS, a more capable system.

Now, I am sure that Google isn’t going to read this blog and say he is absolutely correct, and we need to do this. However, I am still interested in putting out my thoughts on what I think Android should include. I will be entering the features I will want to see from priority of importance.

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Sprint + T-Mobile = WTF?!

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While I am not sure of any verification from either company, there is a rumor that shown in my RSS feeds a few days ago about a possible merger between Sprint (#3), and T-Mobile (#4) to eventually compete with AT&T, and Verizon. However, if this is perfectly true, I have doubts of it’s success, at least for the near future.

Now, I am not saying that this won’t be a good thing – depending on how it pans out, but there are so many hurdles that would have to be accomplished. And I’m sure if these are addressed, this could be a good thing.

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Why Apple’s iPad is Pointless!

The iPad is something that is supposed to be a major game changing device. It is supposed to revolutionized how we think, and I even heard of some people I would consider as technologically smart jump on this thing. However, at least in my opinion, this thing makes no sense in the real world. Here is why:

  1. At $500, there are better priced devices.
  2. It runs the iPhone OS which is restrictive.
  3. It’s supposed to be an Internet device, but no Flash Support.
  4. One app at a time.
  5. You might be able to get apps directly from the device, but expect to use a PC.

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