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Not much happened today. I finally got a dental appointment, however after the blistering in the gum broke, the pain relieved a bit. A call from my PCP also was done which a message was left for me. They wanted to know how long I will be on the pain medicine which I assumed they knew – however, I returned the call and told them.

Not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have the dental appointment. I will also probably get an anti-biotic until they could get some major work done. Otherwise, I will be hoping to walk the dogs before I leave if it will stop raining.


Today was a busy day, but not much happened. I first went to the bank to make a deposit, and then dropped off some mail. After that, I had to take a bus to a doctor’s appointment. The doctor gave me one month worth of medicine which I will have to see him again next month.

After that, I went to the grocery store about a block away, and picked up some toothpaste. I ran out this morning, so this was important. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a few phone calls, and plan to be home for the most part.


A bit happened today. I had a doctor’s appointment with a new anesthesiologist. He agreed with me that if the old pain medicine wasn’t working, I should have something new. He gave me a two week supply of a new medicine, and will want to see me again towards the end of that time period. Otherwise, not much went on.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to call the old doctor, and cancel my arrangement with them. I will also dump the old prescription down the toilet as it will not be a good idea to leave narcotics lying around. I will also have to go to the bank tomorrow to make a deposit. Otherwise, I will expect to be home most of the day.


Today was a bit of a busy day. Chris gave a little of the money he owed me which will have to go into the bank today. I also had a doctor’s appointment. One of the reasons for the appointment was to get a referral for another anesthesiaologist. I receive a couple of options, although one of them is in the same office which I had little success in. I will be calling the other doctor first.

I may also have to see another specialist with regards to another problem. I will be calling for that appointment as well. I got home, took the dogs out for a second walk, and spent the rest of the day home.

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A bit has happened today. It would seem as if my appointment was 1 hour later than what they told me. This became a waste of time. It was even more of waste of time. On some other news, I was able to activate my connect card as well.

First, I tried to make a call with rescheduling an appointment. This didn’t work out, and seemed to have called them too early. I also spent too much time on the phone trying to activate the card. I eventually went to the service center, but they told me I had to activate it before I could add funds, and I had to call them to activate it.

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Today was an eventful day. I had a physical, and the weight didn’t decreased much. I had a couple of shows, and in addition, anti-biotics for an ear infection. I also bought some dog food to assure that I will have enough for the weekend which I wasn’t sure if I would. It was a 20lb bag, but that will suffice for my assurance.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will most likely stay home for the most part. Otherwise, it will be much like most days.


Not much happened today. I finally got my prescription, but I had to call the doctor’s office, and it seemed as if I had to remind them. After that, they wanted me to reschedule my appointment earlier by almost a month, and get an EKG. This means more hoop jumping which now makes me have to make a special trip for the script, and eventually another trip to go to get the EKG.

Chris stopped by in the evening, and decided to spend the night. However, otherwise, not much happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to take the dogs for a walk in the morning, and do some cleaning.


Today was a long day. The dogs got walked on the treadmill, then outside. Once they got home, they ate, and played for a little while. However, I had to go to a doctor’s appointment, so they had to go in the cage for a few hours. A friend was able to drive me there, so it meant I didn’t have to ride on the bus. After my appointment, I did take a bus to the Staples in East Liberty. My friend picked me up and took me to pay a bill, then to the local Rite-Aid to get a few gallons of iced tea.

Once I got home, I let the dogs out for a little while, and also fed them. I then got a prescription, however didn’t get the other prescription I should have received. I chatted with someone that was local, but not as much as I would have liked. I then prepared for an early bed time especially considering I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.

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Today was a somewhat busy day. I had to get a couple of things at the grocery store, and most of it was on my EBT benefits. I bought a 5lb of sugar which will be used for Kool-aid (cheap to make), and pasta which will be enough to cover the past sauce I have. I also needed to purchase a tube of toothpaste. In that regards, I had to use cash for that. I then went to the doctor’s appointment. The doctor I had didn’t seem to be in my preference for a few reasons. He continued to prescribe the medicine that seems to have very little in the way of actually functioning. However, he noted that he will not be at the office anymore, and I will be getting a new doctor. This is fine with me, and hopefully this new one will actually be a worthy one.

After my appointment, I took a route 64 to go to Andie’s. She gave a little bit of the money she owed, and Chris drove me back home. Before hand though, I decided to walk Nippers (their dog). Chris stayed for about an hour, but was a bit tired. After he left, I prepared to take my two dogs for a walk. I then left a note for the upstairs neighbor asking if he could pick up a bag of dog food. He doesn’t seem to mind, and of course, I pay for it. I guess he knows I don’t have a car, and he probably knows how hard a 30lb+ bag must be to carry on the bus. Of course, when he brings the food, I will give him the money.

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Not much happened today. Chris came by to watch a movie he asked for, and to take Talisa to the Western PA Humane Society for her initial round of vaccines. This was required for her preparation of her spaying surgery. She was a bit more excited when we got in as she smell all of the other animals. Once we got in the visitation room, she got a bit anxious as she was in such a small room. She did get a couple of treats while there. She also weighs 60 pounds (about 27.2kg).

She also seen a vet whom did a basic examination on her to check for bloat, and listen to her heart. They then gave her two shots, and a nasal inhaler medicine. After that, an appointment was made for her spaying which is November 3. She will take a pain medicine before she goes in, and will be required to go in the evening before. She will be picked up about 5PM on the 3rd. She will have to take two more doses of pain medicine, but should be better afterwards. A second shot of vaccines, and an e collar (the kind shaped like a cone) will cost an extra $35. They will also do a complimentary “nail trimming” although she does not need it as her nails are in good shape.

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