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September 23

Today was mostly around a doctor’s appointment. I was actually impressed with the speed of the 93 route which goes from Oakland to Lawenceville in about 10 – 20 minutes. This is of course with the use of Bigelow Blvd which in my opinion is under-used by the local bus system. I ended up having to take another bus, but this was known, and got there a bit early, but better a bit early than late.

The Primary Care Physician took a look at the gum, and prescribed an anti-biotic which I will start tomorrow morning. Chris actually drove me back home, and stayed for a couple of hours afterwards. I did try to get some rest afterwards, especially while fighting with a couple of painful sensations.

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September 22

Today could have been a better day, although it was OK. The Netflix disc came in late which meant that I will not be able to get it out until the next day. Still been having a bit of pain in the ankles and gums. In turn, my meals the past couple of days have been soup to put less stress.

Chris stopped down for a couple of hours, and Andie commented on the site I completed ( http://wealth.fsp.im/ ), but otherwise – little else happened. I did call for an appointment with the PCP, and normally I would see her in the Oakland office, but it will seem as if I will have to take a couple of buses to get the Aspinwall office.

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July 20

Today could have been a better day. I had a doctor’s appointment which was just an annual physical. I gained a few pounds which wasn’t something I expected. However other than the normal things – everything is as expected. I was asked to get some blood work which I will do later.

Afterwards, I went to the post office. As hoped, I got the memory. However, it will seem as if I got DDR rather than DDR2 memory. Same size, but notched differently. I will have to return it, and wait for the refund before I can upgrade. Continue reading July 20