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July 2018

Not much happened this month. I wrote a few emails to a person, and kept up with Twitter. I am adjusting to the new phone I had for a little more than a month. As usual, I posted my thoughts about it which you could find at http://fsp.cc/1+6. The first week however was spent paying bills, transferring my rent rebate to my savings account, and taking Malak to the vet for his annual checkup.

The second week wasn’t very exciting. I received my food assistance benefits which I then went to the grocery store and bought most of the food I need for the month. As usual, I bought hot dogs, a few TV dinners, bread, coffee, and have some left over to handle the more perishable foods. I also went to the pharmacy to purchase Q-Tips.
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February 2015

February was a bit more eventful. Chris made a larger payment on money he owed, but that is where I will keep anything else private. The money was used to address some of my active debt. My media tablet for my home music player has went dead. This forced me to get a new one. Since I listen to music all of the time, a player is important. I also went to see my anesthesiologist who  he and his colleagues have been recommending another specialist in conjunction of their treatment. I also visited my ear doctor which told me that my problem will be reoccurring but not too serious. I guess when it excels in being a problem, I would need to make a special appointment with them.

On some brighter news, Chris gave me an Amazon gift card as a birthday present. It was nice of him, but my birthdays are typically not important to me. However, that is the end there. My keyboard is acting up, and some keys  have been sticking. Since I use a notebook PC, it is not so easy to just get a new keyboard. I had also been using a dating site for a couple of months, and as with past experiences, not much in the way of luck.


Today was a busy day. I took the dogs for a walk, and fed them. I then had to leave to go to a doctor’s appointment. I spent a little bit of time waiting, but the appointment was quick, so that was good. After that, I took a route 64 to pick up the money from Andrea for her phone bill. I then was able to take a 54 to the North side to make a deposit in the bank, and eventually take a bus back home.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will most likely stay home and the next time, I have major plans will be the 11th which is when I will pick up a prescription, and do grocery shopping.

Jumping Through Hoops with Little Accomplished

The first day after the New Year Holidays, and it will seem as if I am jumping through hoops to get very little done. I was smart enough to not urinate this morning. Why would this be smart? Well, because of either insurance, or the pain clinic’s policy, there are random urine tests. Sounds more like a criminal rather than a patient, however I nonetheless did so, and within moments of being given a cup.

Next was to Downtown to get the information I will need for moving. Ha, not so easy. After spending about 30 minutes waiting on the correct housing specialist, I finally got the ability to have an appointment, and found out what my base standard is. So, this will of course mean that I would have to contact the potential land lord and let him know. This will be done later this evening since I wouldn’t want to interrupt during his working hours. Continue reading Jumping Through Hoops with Little Accomplished