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And the Craziness Concludes

Today (2014-07-14) was a crazy day. First, I had to run a couple of errands. This led me to walk the dogs early in the morning. I then boarded a bus to go to Downtown at 8AM. Out of this, I went to find out shipping costs for an item so I will know when I get a similar item. I also got an email from an eBay seller to tell me that what I asked for wasn’t what I got. So, that was a thorn in the side. I also went to FedEx to make a few copies, and get a receipt scanned to .pdf. After the post office, and FedEx, I waited in line to get into Social Security to get verification of my income. I went home, walked the dogs again, and went back out after I dropped off everything I done. I went to the pharmacy to pick up something there, and made it back home.

Part of what needed to be done was fold some documents which then had to be stamped, and prepared to send. The income verification would have been among them, but the envelope from the company was defective which meant I had to call them, and get an address I can send mail too. That will have to be done when I get the chance. I will have that document and what needs to be done prepared beforehand. The receipt is for my Nexus 5 which I chose to spend $90 for a 2 year agreement as compared to what I would have to pay with  T-Mobile. I sent an IM to the person that was supposed to have the phone about the defect. I also sent a message to help someone, wrote two blog postings on my Technology Blog, and a posting on this blog (other than this one), and concluded the day with dinner, and ending the evening.

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and did some writing on a document. I also had to do some updates on my phone’s applications. Otherwise, not much else happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely be home, but I will be expecting my brother to come. I do have to go to the pharmacy to drop off a prescription. I will also have to get a couple of loaves of bread, and add funds to my Connect Card as well. Otherwise, this is my day.

Tomorrow, will also be the last daily update, and any updates on my life will be on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis. It is due to very short entries basically indulging on the rather dull life I have. Anything that might be a major event (in comparison to the other days) will be noted though. In such case, the posts will be posted on Sunday morning regarding the previous week.


Today was a busy day. I received replacement dog bones treats for the dogs which I get a supply of 12 every month. I also did some work on a document, and walked the dogs. In addition, someone that owed money paid out in the early afternoon. In addition, Chris stopped by in the late evening, and spent the night. I also played a little bit of games, and did some browsing. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to walk the dogs, and go to the bank to make a deposit. In addition, I will have to drop off a prescription that is due on Saturday.


Not much happened today. The dogs got a walk today which was good. I will be expecting to give them a longer one tomorrow. Otherwise, I just made a couple of phone calls and did a little work on a couple of documents.

As for plans for tomorrow, I have no plans. I will be walking the dogs, but otherwise will be home. Needless to say – nothing too impressive.


Not much happened today. I worked on a document, but otherwise – things have been quiet. Chris stopped by for a few hours today. He called asking when the bus that serves Troy Hill enters Downtown. All in all, today has been relatively quiet. However, for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to Downtown (as early as possible). The location I need to go to opens at 7:30AM, so I am hoping to get a 7:30AM bus to get in there at 7:45, and leave out at 8:!5AM. If I can do this, it will make my life easier as the documents I will have to deal needs to go out by 11AM.


Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store even though it was bitter cold. I really needed to get some groceries though. In addition, I did some work on various documents I have, and also created some new ones. These documents are long over-due, but things keep coming up that needs to be addressed with them. I also gave the two their rawhide sticks early. I typically give them a stick on days divisible by 3. This is intended to help keep their teeth clean, but it also a treat to them. This was to reward them for their good behavior while I was gone. I gave them free roam of the apartment, and they did well during the 90 minutes.

Not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will hope for it to warm up enough to walk the dogs, but will otherwise do some work that needs to be done. And since my Nexus 7 case came yesterday, there is no need to wait on that.


Not much happened today. The dogs got their rawhide sticks which they get one every few days to keep their teeth clean. In addition, I had to go to Downtown to get some copies done. At which point, I will need to address those documents. I also needed to go to the bank to make a deposit. Most of that money will be going to the credit card. Speaking of credit card, I had received a credit line increase which will actually help out a lot.

Once I got home, I dealt with the documents that I needed to deal with, and went on Amazon where I got a few things including a new Kong Toy, Shampoo, two dog back packs (for when weather gets better), a USB hub which will be charging the increasing collection of items that charge via USB, and a blanket. Obviously this was done on the credit card which I will have to make some major payments in return. However, everything will have a big purpose to serve.

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Not much happened today. After sending the post dated blog posting for yesterday, my brother stopped by and gave a small amount for the money he owes me. In addition, this afternoon, someone else that owed money came by and dropped it off. Against my better judgment, I walked the dogs. The walk end up being shorter than I would have done as the cold affected them. They were happy to get home, and warmed up quickly. I also did some personal documents, and watched a couple of videos.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to deposit money in the bank so it could be transferred to my credit card. The money I have collected is about the amount that I will have to cover about half of the total amount of credit I used on my card. This should hopefully impact it in a way to reduce the amount of interest I will have to pay. I will also have to go to Downtown to get some documents addressed. I will return home to finish everything off, and will have to send the documents in the mail. I doubt it will be warm enough to walk the dogs though tomorrow. In turn, I will give them opportunity to play in the back for 5 minutes at a time.


Not much happened today. Since it was a holiday, I paid all of my bills the day before, and had no bus services. The dogs got their walk, and the medicine they needed which I bought the day before. I also did a little work on a document, and some work on my web site. Otherwise, today was a bit of a quiet day. As for plans for tomorrow, no plans with exception of walking the dogs, and doing some personal work. I am hoping that all of my bills are processed tomorrow so I can see what is left after the smoke clears so to say.


Not much happened today. I did a little bit of work on some documents. However, the day has been relatively quiet. I walked the dogs, but ended up with some pain. I tried to keep off of my feet when possible.

I also been getting SPAM calls from Chicago Illinois. I am at the point where I am about to ignore every Chicagoan number. If so, those calls will be forced to voicemail, and if they choose to not leave a valid voice mail, then they will not get a call back.

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