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Week 46 – 2014

This week could have been better. Spent the week waiting for the dog food from Amazon to come in. Keep in mind that I ordered it a week ago. It would seem as if I had to wait for Saturday to request a replacement – even though UPS never received it. I will be writing an entry about this as soon as the problem is resolved. However, I expected better. Needless to say, I still had to get dog food. I expect to run out either Sunday or Monday. I don’t want to have to go on the day I needed it, so I went on Thursday to get the dog food. The closest place was Edgewood Town Center where I could buy a 20lb bag of food for $30. This meant I had to take a 4: Troy Hill followed by a 61A: North Braddock, and then walk 3 blocks. With my ankles and the fact the 61A only runs about every 30 minutes – I would probably have to take 3 buses the next time, especially since this round trip cost me 3 hours of my time.

On Friday night, I informed Amazon which I should get a new shipment. Otherwise, my week has been spent working on the massive document that has consumed a bit of my time. No real plans for the coming week other than a couple of errands.

Week 41 – 2014

This week wasn’t as busy as the previous week, but it was a little busy. I went grocery shopping, bought an Amazon gift card to purchase the dog food so I wouldn’t have to use my credit card. I also done some work on a document. Otherwise, not much has happened. As for plans for next week, I will have to run a couple of errands, and address a couple of things. Otherwise, my week will be relatively quiet. Needless to say, this is going to be a short posting.

Week 19 – 2014

Not much happened this week. I done a little work on my various sites. I also took the dogs out for a couple of long walks this week. I finished paying my bills including my Electric Bill. Andrea paid most of the bill for her phone which was used to make another payment to my credit card. I also had to buy some groceries, and I ordered dog food for the month. Not much else went on. I did receive my food benefits, but will be waiting until I have to go close to the grocery store before buying food. This is why I bought some groceries early.

As for plans for next week, I will have two doctor appointments, one being for the ear which started draining again, while the other is a dental cleaning appointment. Also, with Google terminating XMPP support with GTalk, this will mean I will have to make some adjustments with my home phone. I will be doing this at the last minute to reduce the cost of using the SIP provider. Otherwise, not much is planned for the week to come.

Week 16 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I bought groceries, but kept forgetting something. I also had to get a belt, a wallet, and I bought a dog scoop for my brother’s dog. Tuesday was a rainy day, so the dogs didn’t get their walk. On Wednesday, I had to be home much of the time, and in addition, I had a dental appointment to get my dentures. On Thursday, I made up for the raining day on Tuesday with the dogs visiting Downtown via the Strip District. On Friday, they went to visit my brother’s place with Nippers.

In addition, I was able to acquire the domain fsp.house which is a brand new domain extension. This domain registration (while more expensive) will replace fsphome.com. This will also help in consolidating the domains I have to hopefully my initials. I was hoping to acquire fsp.link, but this wasn’t available. I do have intentions on acquiring new domain extensions as well. Not much else happened. I had managed to make a couple of essential calls, and the dogs had been introduced to their new food.

As for next week, I will have an appointment or two to deal with. I will also be expecting a package (on one of the days for the appointment, and the dogs will get a couple of long walks this week. Otherwise – not much this planned for the week considering it is close to the end of the month.

Week 15 – 2014

Sunday was much like most Sundays. I walked the dogs, but that was the most eventful part of the day. Chris said he was going to stop by, but never did. I’m assuming his employer decided to not pay his check yet. That is a whole another story which I would never get into with this blog. And while it will be financially hard, I purchased a bag of dog food that is at about $1.00/lb as opposed to 64¢/lb. This will be a financial challenge as this will mean $80 per month, but I will hopefully make due. The dogs should have something better quality then what they been eating. Since I never went to the store (no bus service), I ordered through Amazon, and it is being sent through them which I should receive it on Wednesday. At this time, I will use the last bag and shift the new dog food by gradually mixing it with the old.

I was hoping to walk the dogs to Andrea’s house, but there was a good chance of rain which means I would have likely got stuck in it, especially returning home. Instead, their walk took them down Rialto Street, across the 31st bridge, along Penn Avenue, across the 16th street bridge, and up Troy Hill Road. When they got home, I gave them half of the meal they normally get in opting to split their meal across two periods. This is because Malak doesn’t seem to do as well with eating all one meal. When they go to their annual checkup, I will bring it up with the vet. I also made a couple of phone calls, but otherwise – not much happened today especially with the rain coming in on the afternoon. The day finished off rather ordinary. I watched a couple of videos, and podcasts, but not much beyond that. I will blame the walk for that.

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Week 10 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I had to get dog food before my appointment. I had my appointment on Wednesday, but didn’t have enough for both dogs for when Monday came. Therefore, I left at 7:25AM to get the 7:30AM bus to get me to the grocery store. It is actually nice to get to the store this early. While I got dog food, I also picked up some food to hold over until mid next week. Wednesday, I went to the dentist which I just needed some fillings. In addition, I tried to get a different type of dentures approved which didn’t happen.

I also ordered what I thought to be a Bluetooth Keyboard. In addition to the keyboard, I ordered a 6” micro-USB cable, and a case that was supposed to function as a stand for my Sero 7. The keyboard was for the Nexus 7 so I could give it a bigger role. However, the keyboard failed to be a Bluetooth Keyboard. After contacting Amazon with this issue, I received an RMA. I did informed them that this was one of the results I received when I searched for Bluetooth Keyboard. However, I had to print out a UPS label which meant I needed to go to Downtown to print the label (since I have no printer), and since the keyboard will not fit in a drop box, I went to Manchester to drop off at the UPS customer service station. Taking a 13 there, I had to walk a bit – and to return, I was able to take the 18 which I then transferred to the LRT line at Allegheny Station. I had to wait, so I decided to get lunch. Considering I have only a little bit of food, this was just a pain on the wallet so to say.

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Not much happened today. I spoke with my brother who is continuing giving me a delay which he is going to have a problem soon if he doesn’t correct it. In the meantime, I ended up going to the grocery store which I probably should have done that yesterday, but that was my fault I suppose. While at the grocery store, I bought the dog’s food, and bought some food for myself – although in the end – I will end up eating peanut butter sandwiches until my food benefits comes in.

In addition, the upstairs now has a new neighbor. Maybe, this one will stay for a while. I of course walked the dogs, and gave them a brushing. The day was finished off with watching some videos in the evening when it got dark outside. As for plans for tomorrow, no plans – especially being the end of the month, and on a Sunday. I will of course walk the dogs (if there isn’t rain).


Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store to pick up dog food and a couple of other things. I received and wrote a few emails, and of course fed the dog. It was a bit cold and wasn’t really interested in giving them a walk. I will have to give them a longer walk tomorrow.

Not much else happened today. I made arrangement with my carrier to address an unexpected charge which was Andrea’s fault. I am going to have to deal with her on that, but at least the arrangements were made.

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Today was a busy day. I went to my brother’s girlfriend’s place where I collected some of the money she owed, and a little of what Chris owed for their bill. It would seem to now be more trouble than good, so if they keep it up, I will have to start canceling lines. While I went there, I brought a 20lb bag of dog food for Nippers, and an 8GB micro-SD card for Alexis.

I then left to go to Downtown which I had to do some copies. I will finish with the copy work tomorrow. Chris picked me up to bring me home which he spent a couple of hours here before leaving. I finished the day catching up on some podcasts – mostly related with Apple.

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Today was a little bit of a busy day. I took the dogs for two walks today which they didn’t behave either one. I also had to go to the grocery store to get a couple of groceries, and dog food. While buying my dogs their food, I also bought a 20lb bag of food for Nippers (my brother’s family dog). I did a little more work on my a web site, and will be making a few adjustments.

And alas, after a month – Blackberry decided to release BBM for Android/iOS. However, registrations are being phased in. Those who already signed up for BBM notices will be allowed to sign up early. Not that anyone would care, my BBM PIN can be found on my Contact Directory’s IM page.

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