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New Domain: NeedsToBeBetter.US

Yes, some people may think I have too many domains, although I am looking into reducing the number I have. However, I thought this will be a good one to state my eccentric, but in my opinion sensible and valid points. The domain is NeedsToBeBetter.US. Why did I choose this domain. Well, there are many good qualities about the United States, however the country is obviously not perfect. It is flawed and in some cases antiquated on many levels. Corruption has infested government, and almost every politician “owes” favors to lobbyists, or “sponsors” rather than the people who elected them.

This domain will probably piss some people off, but I really don’t give a darn. I am not going to please everyone, and in a matter of fact, I will probably not please many people. However, that is part of the point of this website. Where some people just whine and complain about things, they rarely bring up suggestions to improve what they are whining about. The reason why is to think of rational, and effective solutions without sounding like a moronic idiot takes intelligence, and time.

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, which I seen Nicole (the one that gave Malak) which she was happy to see him. She was in the car, so it was only for a few seconds.

Much of my time was home though. I tried to move some domains from an old domain name to a new one, but that didn’t work out so well. I also had some problems with PBXes.org (go figure), and I am sure that I will have less problems if I pay a monthly fee, but instead will be giving another company $5 per month.

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Not much happened today. I did my normal activity in the morning, and cooked 2lb of pasta which most of it went into the refrigerator so I could heat it up as needed. I caught up on some podcasts, but otherwise – not much happened.

Chris stopped by in the evening for a couple of hours. He went home afterwards. I also completed a couple of websites which I had added to the Big Ass What If Network of sites. I am considering getting a .COM version of the domain name once my old fspuntd.com domain expires. However, this is for another time.

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Today was a bit of a quiet day which meant that I should have been able to keep up with myself. I watched some podcasts, and a couple of shows on Hulu. I made a couple of phone calls, and worked on a couple of sites. I had some issues with one of the Pilone.name web sites which hasn’t been resolved yet.

Not much else happened. Trying to communicate with support was the most important thing I done. As for plans for tomorrow, I am hoping that the domain malfunctioning will be fine. I will also want to walk the dogs on their long walk. I am also hoping Chris will stop down with some money owed.

FSP.im Gone to My Head?

Yes, the fsp.im web site has now been set up to serve to provide for my crazy imagination. However, this means that friends would have to do something a little different if they would want a web site. First, there were three people that were expecting to take some benefit. Two had domains that I set up for them, and one had a sub domain. With me almost never hearing from a couple of them, and none of them making use of the web site would seem as if it was not of value to anyone.

Therefore, I have decided to make use of my domain name, and put it to personal use which might actually have made more sense. First, I seen that none would probably want a web site centered around my initials. I however was not interested in allowing fsp.im to expire, so I have put it to good use.

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Master or Mistress of Your Domain

A person on Twitter that I followed asked about what is a domain, and what’s the difference with regards to a web site. Well, I can’t answer this in 140 characters as that is the first sentence. So, I would try to explain this, although that person should consider visiting my contact page, and inquire on a more personal means such as email.

First, all domains are web sites, however not all web sites are domains. In addition, all websites belong to a particular domain. A domain is owned by a party, or entity. If it’s not owned, it’s available for market, and therefore could be purchased. However, if a domain is available, there are no web sites attached to that domain. So, why would someone want a domain, and does it really matter?

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