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Today was a slightly busy day. I did some work on a few sites, although forgot to remove a setting on some pages within my blog site. I also received an application from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Assistance. The part that makes this worth mentioning, is after more than a year of constantly nagging them, they are finally sending the mail to my home rather than the post office box I canceled last year. This was very important since my forwarding would have been terminated by the USPS in about a month as they only forward mail for up to one year.

In addition, I had to go to the grocery store. I ran out of bread, and needed to get some. Since I can’t do my major grocery shopping until Tuesday, I needed to get some food to hold over until then. I could have gone to the convenience store, but they would have charged me the same price as two loaves at the grocery store. And while going to the grocery store just for bread would have been a waste of money and time, I chosen to make value and bought a few other things so I wouldn’t have to rely on just one type of meal until Tuesday. In addition, I also bought dog food, which I should now have a month’s supply.

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Today was a hectic day. I spent much of it on the phone trying to deal with a mailing address discrepancy. It will seem as if the Allegheny County Assistance Office is claiming that they only have my residential address, while UPMC for You which is my insurance provider through Medical Assistance says they must continue to use my PO Box as that is what the ACAO has. Even getting the local state representative hasn’t improved matters.

In addition, Andrea hadn’t made any payment with the phone bill. While I doubt it, she still has through tomorrow, but it will just make my life a little more difficult. I will wait until Sunday before trying to deal with it – as to give a benefit of a doubt.

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A bit happened today. I had to go to Downtown which from there, I had to get cleats installed on my shoes, notify the Department of Public Assistance of the change in rent. I also had to get documentation noting that I no longer had a bank account with a bank I used to use, and provide that with Section-8.

After that, I went to Andrea, and Chris’ place where Alexis gave me a birthday gift which was nice of her. She also liked my new phone, and was attracted with the “sparkly” look on the backside, although I wouldn’t call the pattern sparkly.

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Today was a busier day than I expected. I paid all of my bills which was finished even before the banks opened. I also received a final notice from Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Assistance which was odd as I always tend to documents of such personally. I filled the forms, and took them down personally.

Since I had to go to Downtown to take the documents, I also added funds to my Connect Card, and bought tickets for the transfers. I came back home, and addressed a couple of things.

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Today has been an abnormally painful day. I had an increase of pain for about 4 days now, so I am thinking there might be something wrong. If it continues, I will definitely make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.

I also had to make a few phone calls. One was to someone to remind them of something. Another was to Department of Public Assistance to notify them of a change. The third was to Social Security to notify them of the same change. This change was for removing the PO Box to set the home as the default address. This is because I will be cancelling my when the term ends in a couple of days.

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How I wish I could have mined!

A while ago, there was a service called Bitcoin that started. As anything that deals with money, I was a bit cautious about jumping in. However, I decided to take the leap as it is around, and there was only one major security breach.

For those that don’t know, bitcoins are an electronic virtual currency. Merchants and people can use them independently of the banks, and therefore independent of transaction fees. One could of course exchange it for real currency which can be deposited into a bank account, or Paypal. However – there are exchange fees, and one is responsible for any taxes due to it.

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Jumping Through Hoops with Little Accomplished

The first day after the New Year Holidays, and it will seem as if I am jumping through hoops to get very little done. I was smart enough to not urinate this morning. Why would this be smart? Well, because of either insurance, or the pain clinic’s policy, there are random urine tests. Sounds more like a criminal rather than a patient, however I nonetheless did so, and within moments of being given a cup.

Next was to Downtown to get the information I will need for moving. Ha, not so easy. After spending about 30 minutes waiting on the correct housing specialist, I finally got the ability to have an appointment, and found out what my base standard is. So, this will of course mean that I would have to contact the potential land lord and let him know. This will be done later this evening since I wouldn’t want to interrupt during his working hours. Continue reading Jumping Through Hoops with Little Accomplished