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Being today was a Sunday, I wasn’t going anywhere even if I wanted too. I did chatted with a couple of friends, wrote a few email, allowed my battery to run dead so I can hopefully condition it. However, it would seem as if I still have bad battery life. Later on, I watched Saturday Night Live on Hulu, and Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. About the time that Chris left, my iPod needed resynchronizing. I decided to extend the play list for each day from 12 to 16 hours, and left the night at 10 hours. Once I plugged the iPod in, it prompted for a 410MB download which in my opinion is ridiculous. I would love to replace with an Android device that supports Android Market if possible.

As for plans for tomorrow, I would have liked to go to the post office, and pay a bill, but due to lack of bus fare, I am going to have to wait until Tuesday when I also have to go grocery shopping. I will also be expecting the landlord to come in the late afternoon to fix the ceiling where there was some water leakage. It is assumed to be the caulking from the tub on the second floor since it is not leaking every time there is the tub, or shower running. Otherwise, tomorrow will be a bit quiet.


Not much happened today. I stayed in bed much, and even though I have cough medicine, my cough got a bit worse in the evening. Nonetheless, I am making due. I did compose an email to a friend in China, and again just rest. Chris ended up in the hospital’s emergency room, which I would hope mine doesn’t get that bad. If it has dramatically improved, I will be calling for an appointment on Monday. Throughout the day, I spent much of the time resting, and in the evening – I eventually cooked dinner. Yes, when I am sick, there is nothing I really do.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to continue resting.Otherwise, no plans for the day. I will call the one landlord on Monday as well,  but so far, it will seem as if he might be more trouble than good. Still, I haven’t found a solution yet.

December 5

Not much went on today. I chatted with a couple of people via Yahoo Messenger, and done a couple of emails. I also been working on the site with some mistakes which I am correcting before I continue on. A light layer of snow came in, and the wind blew it away only to have another light layer come in again.

Didn’t do much else, and the main activity was work on the site, and listening to music. Yes, this is my relatively dull life. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be having to make a telephone call, and do a couple of things while waiting for Andie to call. I will also expect an episode of the Walking Dead to come in which I am sure I will watch.

November 2

Today was a day of mostly recovering from yesterday. Chris stopped by for a little while, and I spent a little time chatting, and some email. Otherwise, not much went on. However, tomorrow will be a bit more busy. I am expecting Supernatural (s5:d2) to come in. I will also need to go to the store, and pick up a couple of things. I will also be considering a benefit for my brother’s family (mostly), although I might benefit a little as well.

I had managed to save myself a little cost, and after some unreliability will not be renewing a $3/month service. I wanted to assure that my home phone had a telephone (not a Gizmo, or Google Voice) number which I chose IP Kall. I will have to make sure it is in use, so I would essentially call myself every couple of weeks. The IP Kall line will ring to the Gizmo line, and since the IP Kall line is free, that would save some money.

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July 31

Today was a bit of tedious even if quiet. I went to the post office to return the Netflix disc, pick up my mail, and was going to get a couple of money orders, but the line was too long for my tastes. I instead just went to the library, grabbed something small to eat, and back home. I did received an email, but wasn’t able to write it today. That will be first thing I will do tomorrow morning.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will eventually try to get some more on another web site accomplished. I am writing the content before I put it on the Internet. In other words, a nearly complete site will one day pop up. However, this isn’t for a while.

July 21

Today could have been a bit of a better day. While my morning was OK, I spent about 2 hours going to various places to address various issues that needed to be addressed. All in all, things were reasonably OK. I spent the morning writing some email, and messages. I also spent some of the morning chatting with a friend, and eventually watching Edge of Darkness before I went out to address my errands.

In mid afternoon, I went to the post office to return the DVD, and check my mail. I then walked to the local library to return a couple of items I should have returned yesterday. They weren’t late, but if I remembered to return them yesterday, I wouldn’t have a need to do it today. The next stop was to return the memory. Later that evening, PNY decided to call me after 6PM when I said not too. Seriously, I am loosing confidence in purchasing their products.

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How the Internet can unify infrastructure

Second to financial resources, communications is the most important thing to a global economy. Without it, companies, and countries would have a very hard time in relaying information. So why is it that the world as a whole so backwards in communications? Think of it, with the exception of fiber optic, everything just about is based off of technologies older than I am. The telephone was invented just one year after the US Civil War. However, there are still switch boards making the calls – just these are automated and electronic. The TV, and Radio uses radio waves, and even with the DTV transition, this method is still used. And yes – satellite uses similar technology in a different perspective, and go to your cable distribution center, and you would find many very large satellites. All of these are using radio waves to send and receive information. And while the Internet is a relatively new technology in comparison, it has some old fashion design. 9 times out of 10, you have a Dynamic IP address which means your IP address may randomly change, making tracking SPAMmers, Scam artists, and illegal activists like distributors of child porn a bit harder.

So, what do I recommend for the resolution of this chaos? Well, each problem requires a solution that is different, and unique, but would all rely on the same backbone of technology. This technology would have to be flexible, and handle the demands. It would have to be upgradeable, and it would have to handle all of the demands. It has to be global, and transparent. We already have this, and that would be the Internet. We just need to expand on the protocols that would make better use of all of the resources. In this post, I would discuss my thoughts on the Infrastructure itself.

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Oh My, It’s So BIG!

OK, first get your mind out of the gutter. And if you are thinking of what I think you are thinking, it’s not that big. What I am referring to however is my email box. At first, I set aside 10GB for my email account. However while doing some research for someone finding out how big their free Hotmail account is, I come to learn it is 5GB, and if they would have had a premium service, it would have been 10GB.

Well, I could not be outdone by Microsoft. Yes, I know MSN mail doesn’t allow email clients, and I know it is all web based, and would never meet my needs, but seriously – free is half as big as my main email account?

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