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Less than a Month to Wait

In early July, I am expecting to get a rent rebate. And considering that things didn’t work out the way I wanted too (as if that ever happens?), I won’t be getting a new PC, nor a new MP3 player. Instead, after I address some things that I would have to, I would expect about $120 for me to do as I please.

Looking at my wish list, there are only a few things I could look forward to getting. With some self compromise, I am strongly considering the Seimens Gigaset A580IP which is a POTS/VOIP phone.  I could get the bluetooth watch, but that’s only valuable when I am out. I could get the ATA for the faxing, but I don’t have a fax yet. So, the best option would be the VOIP phone, but the one I wanted is about $75 more than this one. Continue reading Less than a Month to Wait