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April 2017

This month could have been a better month, but I made due. A number of things have happened which is probably worth mentioning. Some of these changes will also have an impact on my goal of getting out of debt which will cause some setbacks. Also, someone out of the blue have contacted me which was not expected and finally got an appointment I needed for a few months, but will have to wait on the appointment.

First, for the contacts. My brother as usual will call about once a month, and offer some vague promise of visiting. This month, he called twice with the same vague promise which never happened. This is normal lately. He is also making some choices I would not agree with, but he is his own person, and he knows my opinion. I also received a call for a psychiatrist appointment which will hopefully address some of the severe anxiety issues I have. I won’t see the psychiatrist until the second week of May. I had been in need of a new one since January. Since I am not running around with a shot gun, I guess I am not a priority. A distant family member also got a hold of me by email asking if I had the contact information of my Aunt (Mother’s sister). This is not something I have, and have yet to hear back from her. I would assume as with most of my family, she won’t need of me any longer. Continue reading April 2017

September 2015

September was one of the worst months I can recall in a very long time. One could read in all of the detail with the Bad September Entry. On a note of the after-effects, Talisa is doing better. Her skin irritation has cleared up, and only a couple of traces of it remains. People who had their phone turned off that were in my account hasn’t made any attempts to pay the past due. Since I still have the full phone bill to pay off (use the service, then pay for it), October will be a very bad month – at least financially. As for Talisa’s tests, the cheapest place is her regular vet office which is $150 for the visit, CBC, and thyroid test.

On one bit of good news, food assistance benefits gone from $77 to $109. So, now I am up to 40% of what a person needs to live with regards to food. American Dream, here I come. Obviously, the state of assistance with people in poverty is a whole another matter, so I won’t get into that. As for the exterminator, he has to come a couple of more times. The last time he didn’t need to spray in here. Just now have to make it through October. While the events of September have past, the financial consequences of those events are likely to continue through the rest of the year.

January 2015

New year, and new challenges. I was able to get my food assistance benefits corrected, but now they are about half of what they should be. This will mean that I will have to either push more money to my food budget, or decrease my food consumption. My income however went up $20 and waiting on the repercussions of that in other resources I have to rely on. As always, I will make due with or without. This is a simple fact of life. Since things can’t change, it is a matter of acceptance or not.

This will mean that the new domains acquired last year will likely expire. I will have to make some adjustments to what I can or want to do in life. In turn, I will try to be more active with Twitter, which will send posts to Facebook.This will help satisfy any one that has a desire to know now demand with life. I will continue working on my ACTA Plan site even though I hadn’t made my deadline. The keyword is my deadline.


Not much happened today. As being a Sunday, things are very quiet. It was still too cold to take the two for a walk which is depressing. It is supposed to have a 3 – 4 hour warm streak (above freezing) before it plummets to well below freezing. I will try to take the two out during this small heat wave window. However, today – I made a phone call with Google in which I purchased a Motorola Moto G (Play Edition) for my niece. I was wondering the delay with the transaction, and it will seem the expedited shipping I paid for means nothing with getting the product out, just with the method of shipping. I also walked to the convenience store to get a couple of pizzas as to offset the food that I have now.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will hope to give the dogs a little walk before it gets too cold again. I will also have to wait for UPS for a media tablet, Kong Toy, Shampoo, USB hub (for multiple charging), and two backpacks for the dogs (when the weather gets better). This will come in two packages, but I will assumed to be delivered at the same time. I will also have a couple of videos to watch, but otherwise – no real plans.


Not much happened. Chris came by late last night, and left in the afternoon for work. The bitter cold came in, so I wasn’t going to walk the dogs. A movie was watched, and later in the day – I made a couple of sandwiches for myself. Otherwise, not much else happened. Chris said he was going to stop by again, but never showed. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will like to walk the dogs if it warms up a little, even for a short one. However, I will likely be home all Sunday.


Not much happened today. I did a little work on a web site, and ran a couple of errands. For the errand, I went to Downtown to make some photocopies. I also went to get groceries which I chosen to do today instead of tomorrow since it is expected to get much colder then. At least the dogs got their dog food for a couple of weeks, and I got some bread to hold over. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to a dental appointment. Otherwise, not much else is planned with exception of addressing the photocopies I had to do.


Not much happened today considering it was a Sunday. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and a couple of videos on Netflix. In addition, I walked the dogs, although it was a short walk. I also had some eggs that were past due, so I cracked the shells to allow the eggs to be dumped, and through out the shells.

As for plans for tomorrow, I am hoping to see Chris as he is supposed to make a payment for his phone bill. If he comes tomorrow, then I will be able to deposit the money he pays into the bank on Tuesday when I go grocery shopping. Otherwise, not much else is planned for tomorrow.


Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls, received a phone call, and went to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled. When I returned, I received my Google Wallet card which was nice. I will likely cancel my bank’s ATM card on Monday.

In addition, my brother stopped by for a few hours in the which was nice. He also brought a large sampling of their Thanksgiving dinner. I will likely heat that up tomorrow. I also updated his phone including the phone’s OS from 4.3 to 4.4 since he has a Nexus 4.

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2013-11-28 (Thanksgiving)

Today was like much most holidays. No bus service, and nothing special. One nice thing was that my landlord did bring over a dinner. I obviously took it, and shared the ham with the dogs. I however took the turkey and stuffing.

On another note, I received my SSI benefits early, but it didn’t matter much since no transaction will take place until tomorrow. However, nonetheless, I still sent the electronic orders to pay my bills. My bank account started with $4.10 – then went to $714.86, and tomorrow, it will be down to $12.78.

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Today was a little bit of a busy day. I took the dogs for two walks today which they didn’t behave either one. I also had to go to the grocery store to get a couple of groceries, and dog food. While buying my dogs their food, I also bought a 20lb bag of food for Nippers (my brother’s family dog). I did a little more work on my a web site, and will be making a few adjustments.

And alas, after a month – Blackberry decided to release BBM for Android/iOS. However, registrations are being phased in. Those who already signed up for BBM notices will be allowed to sign up early. Not that anyone would care, my BBM PIN can be found on my Contact Directory’s IM page.

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