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The problem with Service Animals

Through research and various other issues, I have been researching information regarding service animals, and in particular – Emotional Support Animals (ESA). I have come across a number of interesting things, a couple of which I have found completely offensive, and some how in society – such is OK (except for the people affected).

Now, there are three different types of service animals. The first is what one might think of when they think of a service animal. This is an animal that has been trained (sometimes for two or more years) to accomplish a skill set of tasks. This will include dogs to help visually impaired people, or dogs that assists a person bound to a wheelchair. Then there are therapy animals. Such animals are docile, and with a calm demeanor. You would find them in hospitals, and nursing homes. Then there are emotional support animals. These animals provide comfort and help people whom may have certain mental health problems where the presence of that animal is going to provide a benefit. Continue reading The problem with Service Animals

Assurant’s Bait and Switch Scheme

On Thursday August 7, my Nexus 7’s screen cracked. This was due to my ankles giving way, and in turn – the Nexus 7 falling out of my hand and hitting the ground. Yes, I was pissed. Not only do I have to come up with money for Talisa’s test – but now I had to come up with money to pay the deductible. You see, I pay $10 for T-Mobile’s Jump program which includes Premium Device Protection with Assurant Solutions. Now, my brother and his girlfriend each had to use the insurance service because they are careless with expensive things – however in the 6+ years I had T-Mobile, and been using smart devices (first one being a Blackberry 8320 – pre Apple/Android days), I had never broke a device.

So, I find out how much the deductible is, and I pull funds out of 2 credit cards to fund $100 on my Google Wallet Card. I tried to file online, but it was not successful – so I called them. They had the claim, and it would seem as if the system had problems with the Google Wallet Card. The system did accepted it, and Assurant informed me that they will be sending me the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – 7.0 because it is a comparable model to the Nexus 7. I disputed with the representative and informed them that I had the Nexus 7, and that is the item I want. It is still available on the market, so it is not a legacy device. I bought the Nexus 7 because I get a reliable update path, and prefer the stock Android over the UI interfaces that other carriers give. I was told that I would have to speak with T-Mobile about it. And so the madness begins

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Didn’t see that coming (Danger Data Loss)?

Original Articles ( http://fsp.tw/57 and http://fsp.tw/58 )

For more than a week, Hip-Top, and Sidekick devices had been all screwed up. They are in constant need to communicate with a Danger server for everything from contacts, messages, and anything other than the most basic turn the device on. To me, this sounds like an experiment on the use of Cloud Computing where all of your content and data relies on the web. Applications also relies on connection with this server. Really, no one seen the problem here.

A week since the problem existed, and Microsoft (owners of the Danger Platform) is unsure if retrieval of the data is possible, and encourages all device owners to keep their device on at all costs to preserve what data is on the phone. This means, that if for any reason they turn the phone off, it would be reset back to the factory default standards. First, through out this whole blog, I do not blame T-Mobile. Their only wrong doing was being suckered into marketing this toy as a real phone.

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