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LG F6: Final Review

Yesterday late morning, I returned the LG F6 from T-Mobile back to the store. The reason of why was in the 10 days I had the phone, it has proven to have a couple of good points, but mostly bad points. The LG F6 was $290 which I paid $50 down, and would have paid $10 for 24 months. I also had paid the taxes on the $290 as well.

When I looked at the phone, it had the LG UI on it, which I wasn’t fond of, but willing to tolerate it (otherwise, I wouldn’t have purchased it). However, in the time I had it, the phone locked up on me a number of times, disabled its own Wifi – therefore in one instance burned through the data within a couple of days as I expected it to be on the home’s wifi network. Programs that didn’t even started will close due to an illegal operation.

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Phone Service by Freedom Pop

Yesterday (2013-10-01), Freedom Pop made it known that they will now offer extremely low cost phone service. There are some catches, and some information I didn’t find out as of yet, but here is the idea.

You will first purchase the Wimax enabled phone for $100 (no contract) which the phone itself is about 3 years old, so you won’t get much out of it. You can get 200 minutes/500 SMS for free, 500 minutes/unlimited SMS for $8, or unlimited voice/SMS for $11. For those looking at price only, this beats out Republic Wireless – which they will both use the Sprint Network. As for data, all plans offer 500MB per month.

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A bit has happened today. I finally got some laundry done. I also went to East Ohio Street to get a few groceries. Not much else happened though. I did a little work on one of my web sites which I was doing the work while in the laundry mat. In this instance, the Freedom Pop router has helped a lot.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. It is supposed to stay below freezing, so the dogs may not get a walk. I will of course give them their weekly brushing which is one thing I love about short hair dogs.


Not much happened today. I spent some time watching shows on Hulu. I also walked the dogs, and got a replacement router from Freedom Pop. In addition, I went to East Ohio Street to acquire soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, and a few gallons of iced tea. I bought more than a couple of gallons to last me through the weekend.

Not much planned for tomorrow. I will expect I will be home. I did notice a piece of inaccurate information on one of my .TEL addresses, so I will be removing that. Otherwise, not much planned for tomorrow.


Not much happened today. I stayed home with the exception of taking the dogs for a walk. The plumber needed to come to fix some pipes from the upstairs that caused some ceiling damage in the kitchen.

In addition, Chris stopped by for a little while, but didn’t stay long. In addition, the cellular router from Freedom Pop also came. I did a little test on it, and wrote a first impression blog posting ( http://fsp.cc/250 ). It will remain off while it is not needed since I am limited to 500MB.

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First Impressions – Freedom Pop

Today, I had received the Freedom Pop Photon 4G router. While I did not get a chance to actually put it in real world testing, I did get a chance to make sure it works. There are a couple of things to note. First, I am on the free 500MB plan. I do not have any acceleration or guaranteed speeds. Second is the actual router or device. Both of these are influencing factors. My planned usage of this service is to provide my notebook with Internet capabilities when I am not home. While I am out, I will obviously make sure I am not doing any streaming since after 500MB, I will be charged 2¢ per MB.

Now, let’s look at the service itself. It is using Clear’s Wimax service which I have never been impressed with the service. At least with this router, or company, things are a little better, but still nothing breath taking. A speedtest.net after 5 minutes with an Amber (OK signal), I got 76ms ping, 4.06MB download, and 590kbps upload. This again is not impressive especially since HSPA+ had seen 75ms and 10/3MBPS. If one was to use VOIP, and this is a regular connection, it is suitable, although the ping is higher than I will like, it is still below 100ms.

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Today has been a pretty hectic day. First, I had a dental appointment – although the receptionist forgot to put me. This was OK though as there was still a spot, and the doctor herself seen me there. I took the dogs for a walk, and spent some of the day catching up on some videos, and re-writing some pages. I also synced my media player since I was towards the end of the playlists.

At night, it was really hectic. The kitchen ceiling caved in. Thankfully – no one was in there. I called the landlord, and he came immediately. There was a massive leak with the bathtub in the upstairs apartment which the plumber will come by the end of the week.

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