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Homo-Sexual Marriage in the US.

A few days ago, Homo-sexual marriage was made legal on the Federal Level. This will mean that where there is no law banning it, it has made it allowable without any challenge. In states that Homo-Sexual Marriage was banned, it is now reversed. So what does this mean, and what are my thoughts about it? First, I am not going to endorse, nor condemn this action. And the simple reason is that it is (or should be a non-issue). Yes, Homo-sexual marriage maybe the greatest thing that has happened, or maybe coming of an Anti-Christ. However, now, it is legal and enforced on a federal level in the United States. And under some grounds, this should have been done in the 80’s.

I will give my thoughts on this issued based on legal, political, religious, and social perspectives. Again, I am not going to endorse nor condemn this issue as my opinion of it does not really matter on the grand scheme of things. By giving my perspective of this issues on these grounds, you would hopefully understand why a person’s opinion shouldn’t matter. Just to let everyone know, I have no degree on any of these subjects, so if my information is inaccurate, I welcome constructive thoughts from someone with an appropriate degree. I will be more than happy to adjust or revisit this post with a better education.

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