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Week 37 – 2014

A few things happened this week. One of the big things is I caught a flea on Talisa, so I went to Petco, and grabbed flea shampoo. Not quite what I wanted to spend the few funds I had on, but it was something that needed to be done. Of course, both Malak, and Talisa got a bath, and post treatment. I also had fallen a little ill with flu symptoms which forced me to buy medicine to make the coughs tolerable. Chris stopped by a couple of times, but nothing too exciting beyond that.

On a better note, a good friend of mine from Mexico City got a hold of me. She suddenly disappeared, but reappeared, so to me – that is a good thing. She now has a 7 month old son, but it has been more than a year since we had contact. In addition, I have been having problems with Yahoo Messenger which is leaving me to consider terminating the program from the PC. Otherwise, things are pretty much the same.  As for plans for next week, not much is planned. I will have to go for a dental appointment, and pay a bill. I will also have to get my prescription filled for my refills. Otherwise, the coming week will be rather quiet.


Not much happened today. I took the dogs for a walk even though I have received some blisters on my left foot. I will make due though. I also finished the favor for the friend, and will be gathering the information they will need to send it off.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. I will likely stay home. The dogs will get their brushing which is done weekly. Otherwise, things will be relatively quiet.


Not much happened today. I took the dogs out for a late morning walk, and one in the afternoon, however was in too much pain to take them in the evening. I guess it is just one of those days.

I also helped a friend set up an email account, as well as will soon be a web site. I will have to finish everything else tomorrow morning. I found the iPod nano, and updated that so it can continue to be used as a night player. The iPod Touch was updated later. The old PC is still serving with that regards, but I am hoping to move everything over to the new PC as it has taken almost 1/3 of the day to get the Nano with 830 songs added. The system was running hot which most of the time – the PC was upside down so the hot air could blow upwards.

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Not much happened today. I waited for the adapter which has been sitting at the distribution center all weekend. I also wrote a couple of emails, and Chris stopped by for a few hours. Otherwise, I just caught up on some podcasts.

A friend of mine has a personal medical concern. She will be getting a test later this week, which I will wish them the best of luck on the results. I didn’t get them out for an evening walk, but they did get some time to play which I wanted to make sure they had their exercise in.

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Not much happened today. I was expecting to get the adapter for the phone. I also picked up a prescription that I needed. Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. A friend called, and Alexis (my niece) called asking for help on her computer. I was able to walk her through what she needed to do.

I didn’t send the PC, and this was mostly because I was waiting on the adapter. I might just consider buy a USB adapter, and use that for synching my micro-SD card with my PC. I may also just consider wifi synching as well.

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Today, not much happened. The dogs were taken care of in the morning, and I chatted with a friend in the Philippines. However, much of the day was pretty quiet. Chris stopped by in the evening for a couple of hours, and he came in while Malak was on his evening exercise which led to a bit of excitement on his part.

I spent some time working on the one web site I have been concentrating on. I also made a small bit of dinner (just rice), and will have to promise myself to make a real meal tomorrow.

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Today was a bit uneventful (thankfully) considering that it was the first of the month. I spent a part of the morning addressing all of my bills which included my rent, and utilities. Tomorrow, I will expect all if not most of the automatic payments to be paid.

I also made a couple of calls. Chris won’t be able to take me to the pedorthic center, but was able to get a hold of a friend who asked me to call him tomorrow at 8AM. I also got the funds I will need to get the shoes repaired which will be held until I get there.

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Today was much like every other day. I did try to help a friend out, but from her opinion, it didn’t do much good. She needed some inquiries with a company in the US, but she lives in Canada. This would have obviously been an international call (even though we share the same country code). I eventually looked into options that will help her in the future. Not being tech savvy, I would have wanted to find something simple.

I also received my cellular bill, and had a sticker shock as something I told T-Mobile to do didn’t happen. It will seem as if I would have to call them tomorrow to address that issue. I spent the remainder of my time working on trying to finish a particular site which I believe I am almost complete.

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Not much happened today. I did have to go to the bank to deposit some money which I then went back home quickly afterwards. I had to pay my phone bill which was more than a month past due. I still owe $10, but I don’t think my bill will be in threat over $10. I also set up to transfer pilone.name to another registrar. There are a few reasons of this, but this started in the evening.

Chris stopped by for a few hours in the evening, and I caught up on some podcasts, and TV shows that were recorded. I also chatted with a friend of mine in Canada. She is considering a smart phone, and asked for my opinion on two different phones, one of them, she seems set on is the iPhone.

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Today, not much happened. The dogs had an early second walk. The reason for this was due to the doctor’s office decided I want my future medications delivered which would have been anytime after 3PM. This is an inconvenience to me especially since the pharmacy is a 5 minute walk.

I also did some work on one of my sites. In addition, Chris stopped by, but wasn’t able to take me to the store as he didn’t have enough gas which I can understand, but it would mean I probably should look to other options to get my groceries. A friend of mine was able to stop by this evening since I asked him to come to watch the dogs tomorrow. This is to hopefully prevent Malak from barking. The only thing I may need him to do will be to let them out once or twice at most. He may also need to give them water, but otherwise – not much will be required.

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