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Hades has Frozen Over

In a little more than one day on Comcast, and felt the need to spill my views on the matter. First, just because I have chosen Comcast does not mean I endorse or find them as a better alternative. For my situation, they are simply the lesser of two evils. To know why I have chosen Comcast, one should read Why I’m Leaving Verizon. However, Comcast has already caused problems. First, even before my installation, there was a billing problem, and hadn’t receive a notice of being charge the price I should be (a promotion of $30/month for 12 months). In addition, my modem (which is also an VOIP ATA and wifi-N router) has had problems with the installation where the technician spent longer than they should have, and I had connection problems which after about 45 minutes, finally logged into the modem directly and had to activate Wifi even though I had no desire to. Keep in mind, I will be paying $10/month to have this inferior product.

Throughout the day, there has been some internet hiccups, which I am hoping will subside over time. Technical support took 45 minutes to speak with me and was of no help. And obviously, as mentioned, I had billing problems even before installation. It sounds like the good ole’ days. Continue reading Hades has Frozen Over


Not much happened today. The pipes are still frozen, but at least the bathroom is functioning. I also had to go to get a couple of gallons of iced tea. I also had to clean up my iTunes library. I also watched a couple of videos from Hulu. The dogs still didn’t get a walk today considering it was still too cold for them. I am hoping that they can get their walk (even a short one) for tomorrow. I will otherwise expect to stay home for tomorrow.


Not much happened today. I had to go to a dental appointment, and my kitchen sink froze up. This was a bit inconvenient to say the least. I am hoping that the pipes will function tomorrow. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will likely be home with the exception of getting a couple of things I should have got while I was in the Northside.