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Wasn’t feeling the best today, but better than I did the day before. UPS never came, so I will probably have to make a trip to a drop box to send the package off. I went to Andrea’s home to reset Gage’s phone which they obviously didn’t do when I told them too. I then learned later on, that Andrea ruined my G2x. While I had no sentimental value for it, it will mean that I will have to address replacing the phone for her. She will obviously need to make payments on any phone that will replace my old G2x.

As for tomorrow, I will have to leave early in the morning. I will need to take Chris’ defective phone, and ship it, get Andrea’s phone replaced, and go there to replace set up everything. This will mean more requirement of bus fare.


A bit has happened today. I went to Andrea’s to provide the G2x which she will be using until I upgrade which will not likely happen for a while. She has got the basics on it, but she didn’t seem to want to pay attention. I got home, let the dogs play in the back yard for a while, and then I made dinner.

I also wrote a couple of emails, and caught up on some video podcasts. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will walk the dogs, but for the most part – I will be home.


Today while rather uneventful has been a slightly busy day. Chris was due to have a replacement phone that came to me as I am the account holder. In turn, the phone will be passed to him, and the G2x he was using for about a month will go to Andrea. However, a few things had to happen first. The phone needed to charge, and I needed to install updates. To minimize interruption while assuring the phone transfer will take place properly, I waited until after 8PM to change the SIM. The reason for this is the G2x uses a Mini-SIM, while the new phone will use a Micro-SIM. Because of this, I couldn’t just wait for him to come after work and insert the SIM card in the new phone.

I also took the dogs out for a walk twice today. I took them out in the morning when it was cooler, and a shorter walk in the afternoon. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu and wrote a couple of emails. The landlord also came by to fix the back door. The hinges were coming loose, so they needed to be tighten. 

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Not much happened today. I had an errand to go to where I picked up a SIM card for the benefit of my brother. He will have the same conditions that his girlfriend has. Once I got back, I set up the phone to work with his Google Voice service, and made sure everything was running (as good as the incompetent G2x can). I also installed a battery meter widget to display the battery strength in the notification pane, Drop Box, a Flashlight App, Lookout security, and of course Google Voice. I adjusted a few of the contacts in his Contacts List that I knew needing adjusting, but he will be responsible for managing his own contacts. Last, I set up the web browser to make his Contact directory as his start page.

After that, I took the dogs for a walk, and fed them. They didn’t seem to be in the mood to play, so they came in early after their outing to where they could play. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu, but otherwise – the day has been quiet.

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Not much happened today. I made a phone call to someone, and sent an SMS to my landlord. I sent the SMS as to not disturb him at work. He received the documentation that I asked him to sign, and would send them out tonight. That is good as they should be received by the appropriate agency as soon as possible.

I also had an incoming call on the old G2x which is used as a incompetent SIP client. While the call worked with a SIP client rather than a Google Voice client, the call was showing up as Anonymous. I come to find out that it was an international call and while Google Voice recognized the number, when it passed to Call Centric, it would seem as if Call Centric or the backbone that Call Centric uses stripped the CID information. While I don’t receive many international calls, this only extends the reasoning of why I will want to replace the G2x. With a new backup phone, I can install a Google Talk client on there, and not have to use Call Centric if they do not support it.

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Not much happened today. I returned the discs from Netflix. I also received the TruPhone SIM card which is being installed in the G2x as an emergency phone. 99% of the calls it will make will be through GrooVe IP which will carry the calls via SIP. However, if an instance where someone used my SIP phone to call me, the TruPhone SIM will take the call. This however is at a cost of 15¢ per minute.

I also walked the dogs and caught up on some Hulu videos. As for plans for tomorrow not much planned. I will likely walk the dogs, and address a couple of other things.The weekend will be rather ordinary though.


A bit has happened today. Chris came by and visited. He however got sick in the afternoon which eventually forced his hand to going home rather than work. I forgot to drop off the disc that should have went out today. I did receive another disc today, so I will watch the movie first thing tomorrow. Both discs will be sent out at the same time.

On another note, I did get the Nexus 4 which will replace the mostly incompetent LG G2x. The G2x will become the Wifi Phone. One thing that makes things slightly inconvenient is the Nexus 4 use micro-SIM, while the G2x used Mini-SIM which was the standard at the time. If something would happen to the phone, then I can’t rely on the G2x as a backup phone.

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T-Mobile’s Attempt to Satisfy. Still Getting Bent Over

A couple of weeks ago, I was ask to submit a survey via SMS. I was asked 5 questions, and to answer with a rating of 1-5. Two questions had terrible marks. The first was regarding the phone, while the second was regarding service plans. And it will be because of this, that I would not always recommend T-Mobile to people if they asked my opinion.

Now, I didn’t think anything about it. I answered the questions, and left it be at that. Well yesterday evening, I received a call from T-Mobile, and the woman that called asked if she could try to address some of the issues I have.

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A bit more than I expected happened today. All of it was in the evening. As for the day, I gave the dogs some time to play and burn energy since I wouldn’t be able to walk them. I also had some pain with the ankles, and a headache, but this is something I simply dealt with.

However, in the evening, I received a call from T-Mobile. A couple of weeks ago, I answered a couple of surveys and I had to rate them from 1-5. I rated both the phone, and service as 2. I got a call from T-Mobile wanting to help me address this problem I obviously had. Those who knows me knows that I have a LG/T-Mobile G2x which I had become disgusted with it. I explained of why I was disgusted, and noted that it was an inferior phone to what is expected with the price I paid for it. The person I spoke with made an attempt that while not completely satisfactory, it was acceptable. I will be getting an expected sufficient replacement before March 2. As for the service, their Value plan is not much of a value. You pay a 10-15% less in comparison to the Classic Plan, but you must pay full price for the phone and you must commit a 2 year contract. I explained I find this tactic as appalling, ludicrous, and no phone in the world will change that fact.

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T-Mobile Might Have One Saving Grace.

After the failure to recognize and update the G2x I have when I was promised by the retail associate that it will have a reliable upgrade path, it will seem that a Nexus line of phones will be coming to T-Mobile. In case one does not know, Nexus is Google’s Official line of phones that are expected to receive a reliable update path. This one in particular will be the Nexus 4 which will have Android 4.2.

Now, there is a small chance that this won’t happen. Verizon demanded that Google put some of their crapware on the phone, and prevented updates which tainted the Galaxy Nexus line. I will like to hope this will not be the case, and if it happens that the Nexus in the T-Mobile store has the usual crapware from T-Mobile, I will think twice about wasting my money on it.

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