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Wasn’t feeling the best today, but better than I did the day before. UPS never came, so I will probably have to make a trip to a drop box to send the package off. I went to Andrea’s home to reset Gage’s phone which they obviously didn’t do when I told them too. I then learned later on, that Andrea ruined my G2x. While I had no sentimental value for it, it will mean that I will have to address replacing the phone for her. She will obviously need to make payments on any phone that will replace my old G2x.

As for tomorrow, I will have to leave early in the morning. I will need to take Chris’ defective phone, and ship it, get Andrea’s phone replaced, and go there to replace set up everything. This will mean more requirement of bus fare.


Not much happened today. Andie asked me to give my opinion on a couple of phones she wanted to get for Alexis and Gage. Of course, being her, she had to perform the whole means of communication via SMS. I tried to call to give her an alternative, but she of course wouldn’t answer. I am just glad I can handle my SMS via my PC.

I also got the check from Capital One. In their infinite wisdom (or stupidity), they decided to take the over payment I gave them, and send it by check (the most inconvenient way possible). The check was for $93.33, but at the time of writing this post, I used $94.79 of my credit. In other words, if they didn’t “process” this check I never asked for, I would have only used $1.46 of my credit line. I will deposit the check which means a trip to the bank, and when I pay my bills on Friday, I will give the amount I owe + $125 for my recurring bills.

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Today, not much happened. Chris stopped down for about an hour, then I went to his place for Gage’s birthday. In addition, I brought him some paper for him since he likes to draw. I also brought Alexis a USB thumb drive, and Andie her mouse again. I also wrote a blog posting about why I dropped Netflix.

In the afternoon, a sales representative from Comcast tried to convince me to switch to their service citing they changed drastically from when I had them about a decade ago. I informed her of my problems, and I wouldn’t be comfortable in taking Comcast, especially considering I am satisfied with Verizon when comparing.

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Not much happened today. I prepared to go to Andie’s and Chris’ place for Thanksgiving. Of course, this meant that I decided to get ready about noon with a good bath, hair wash, and shave. Chris stopped by while I was in the bath, and he was here until we left at about 2:15. As a favor, I took Nippers out for a 45 – 60 minute walk, and after a while, we ate dinner. Andie asked some advise regarding one of Alexis’ Christmas gifts, and with Gage loving Angry Birds, I gave her a suggestion as well for something he will like too.

As for my dogs, they had 2 cups of dog food and a ½ cup of chicken broth which they really enjoyed. I also gave each of them 2 slices of ham with 1 cup of dog food for their evening meal, but I didn’t walk them in the evening. I didn’t get home until about 7PM, and was in a bit of pain. Not only that, they made a mess of the place which I wasn’t too please. I finished the day watching a couple of podcasts that came through, and went to bed relatively early considering.

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Not much happened today. I watched a little television, and took the dogs out in the morning, however the evening was another story considering that it was raining pretty badly most of the day. Things for the most part have been very quiet. Andie did come by for a few moments, but forgot to bring the dog food. However, Gage (the oldest nephew) got to meet Malak finally. Andie also told me that Xavier told Santa Claus that he wanted toys, Malak, and Talisa for Christmas.

As for plans for tomorrow, I am expecting a DVD from Netflix, and will be home much of the day otherwise. If I am up to it, I might take the dogs for a long walk, but not sure. I am also expecting Chris to stop by tomorrow, but that may or may not happen.


Today was the first day of the month, and I wanted to do more than I managed to get done, but I will be trying to do the rest tomorrow considering the 3rd-4th will be holidays. Gage, and Xavier came to my place for a couple of hours, and I got the money order for the rent, and got some bus tickets that would last me a couple of months possibly. Chris stopped by for an hour, and he said he would stop by tomorrow to help me with Waterworks. My neighbor brought a large bag of dog food (which Talisa appreciates much more), with me of course paying for it.

Also, I had someone trying to suggest me on how to properly “work” with Talisa. She seen me tapping her when she was fixated on a dog, and becoming somewhat unmanageable. However, I offered to hold a door for her one day while I had Talisa, and she declined as she was concerned her dog will get aggressive with my dog, so I don’t have much confidence in her methods. So, I will continue my methods which has been working (slowly buy surely).

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A bit went on today. I finally watched a movie that brought me to tears. I also had a nice surprise where Chris’ children, and one Alexis’ friends came up. They enjoyed playing with Talisa, and eventually there was a walk to the water park, but the dog couldn’t stay, so she found that time frustrating boring. I also called to cancel service, and it would seem as if I am going to have to wait until Monday to do it. In the meantime, I will continue to rely on T-Mobile for all of the important things (such as blog catch-ups).

As for plans for tomorrow, not much will be done since tomorrow is Sunday. Even if I wanted to go out, I couldn’t. I might watch that movie again, but otherwise – no plans really.


Today was a hectic day. I spent the night at my brother’s, and got ready to take Alexis with me to address a couple of bills, and hopefully, help  her with getting her notebook to connect to the home network. It however didn’t work that way. Instead, the computer will still not connect to the wifi network even though my notebook was able too. Instead, it will seem as if she will need a USB – RJ45 adapter. This adapter will plug into the USB port and allow a networking cable to plug in.

Gage also went with me and I got him some credit on his cellular phone which allows him to make and receive calls. He also wanted a toy which I contributed a little towards that. And of course, since I had them for a good portion of the morning, and a part of the afternoon, I managed to get them something to eat for lunch which they enjoyed. On the way back home, we stopped at a local pharmacy to pick up cough medicine for Xavier.

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December 10

Today was a bit of a chaotic day. I first received a DVD that ended up requiring me to use the remote to continue on. Since I can not find the remote to the DVD player, I took the DVD out, and sent it back. Afterwards, I watched a couple of podcasts, and got myself ready to go to Andie’s as Gage’s birthday was today.

I went there mostly for Gage, but of course – there were his friends, so not much time was spent with him, but that is OK. That consumed a bit of my evening though. However, I didn’t make it to getting bread, or iced tea, but I can do that tomorrow.

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November 3

Today was a little of a busy day. I chatted with a friend in the morning, and afterwards – went to the main street to get a couple of things. Once I got home, I watched 4 episodes of Supernatural which was on disc 2. I then went to post office, return the disc, and headed of to my brother’s place to get the announcement from Alexis, and Gage. Only Alexis was interested in making one.

Once I got home, I converted the announcement, and uploaded for the family phone number. This should allow the children to have a voice mail number while allowing parental monitoring if need be.

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