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Assurant’s Bait and Switch Scheme

On Thursday August 7, my Nexus 7’s screen cracked. This was due to my ankles giving way, and in turn – the Nexus 7 falling out of my hand and hitting the ground. Yes, I was pissed. Not only do I have to come up with money for Talisa’s test – but now I had to come up with money to pay the deductible. You see, I pay $10 for T-Mobile’s Jump program which includes Premium Device Protection with Assurant Solutions. Now, my brother and his girlfriend each had to use the insurance service because they are careless with expensive things – however in the 6+ years I had T-Mobile, and been using smart devices (first one being a Blackberry 8320 – pre Apple/Android days), I had never broke a device.

So, I find out how much the deductible is, and I pull funds out of 2 credit cards to fund $100 on my Google Wallet Card. I tried to file online, but it was not successful – so I called them. They had the claim, and it would seem as if the system had problems with the Google Wallet Card. The system did accepted it, and Assurant informed me that they will be sending me the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – 7.0 because it is a comparable model to the Nexus 7. I disputed with the representative and informed them that I had the Nexus 7, and that is the item I want. It is still available on the market, so it is not a legacy device. I bought the Nexus 7 because I get a reliable update path, and prefer the stock Android over the UI interfaces that other carriers give. I was told that I would have to speak with T-Mobile about it. And so the madness begins

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Today was a long day especially since I didn’t get much sleep the night before. However, I managed to catch up on my daily posts, and made a call to T-Mobile about discounting the price of a new phone which they wouldn’t. It would seem as if it would be in my best interest to wait until July, and hopefully get the Samsung Galaxy S 2. So in the evening, I looked about for prices so I would have an idea on what I would have to deal with as far as costs. It would seem as if I can reasonably expect $700 for the 16GB model, and $800 for the 32GB model. If I get the rent rebate, and devote it all to the phone, I will be looking to have to break about $420 over 19 months. This will be about $22 on my phone bill, but I could get as much as 64Gb of capacity on my phone. However, I will still have to wait for T-Mobile to hopefully get it, and receive the rent rebate as well. Not much planned for tomorrow. I will be staying home, and will stay home until Tuesday where I will have a number of errands to address then. However, again – tomorrow I will stay home.

My Plans for an Upgrade.

I had been using a My Touch (rev 1) since November 2009, and while it has served, I feel that I should have better. And while all of the really nice phones are on Not T-Mobile, I am looking into staying with T-Mobile. Now one of the problems with the My Touch is that is too slow. So, I would definitely want something that is faster. Also, the screen is way too small. So, after some looking and researching, there will only be two devices I will be interested in. I will only choose the the My Touch 4th Generation if the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (not really LTE, nor Wimax) is not worth the price that is unknown as of writing this posting. The My Touch 4G is $450 without a contract. As for the Galaxy, it is expected to be $250 + 2 years – $50 rebate. At such price point, I will expect it to be $500 without contract. Even with this in mind, I will want to try to get the price reduced especially since I have been a loyal customer.

The Galaxy has some things I truly would consider wanting in my next phone with a couple of exceptions. It has a 1Ghz CPU which in my opinion should go without saying. It has a 4” AmoLED screen which is supposed to have better contrast for outdoor viewing. It does have Android 2.2 which is on my current phone after several months of delay. I would however expect for it to receive 2.3 soon. It has a front side camera which while I will probably not use it so often, it would make a good option for making self portraits. It also supports wifi calling, but with the crappy ISP, and reasonably good cellular – there is no real advantage to wifi calling. I would have rather black as opposed to charcoal gray, but I am sure I could get a skin that is black if need be. It claims 6.5 hours talk, but I don’t believe it, and I would be looking to getting a spare battery and charger.

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Almost 2 years. Time for an Upgrade?

It has been almost two years, and in about 4 months – it would have been 20 months since I had the first revision of the My Touch as my cellular phone. When I bought it, I wanted it for GPS, and 3G capabilities. At the time, it was the only smart phone that was such an option for me. Now a days, in comparison – it will seem as if my phone is more like a toy rather than a phone. And there are times I am frustrated with the CPU lag it gives to me. Of course with a 528Mhz CPU on an OS that should be using twice the CPU, I guess I can’t blame it. So, I already know I wish to upgrade, but exactly what, and would I settle for less? Well, first I don’t see a reason to settle for less, and if there is no phone I am comfortable with on my carrier, I simply would either consider another carrier, or not get a new phone.

I will go into each and every detail that I will consider as important to me, and would offer my thoughts to such. With that in mind, I would focus on what I would want, and expect for my needs. While I am sure that there are other features some may find as important, that would be on their interests, and not so much of mine. However, I would of course need a smart phone that would support Google Voice, and offer the ability to tether without paying extra.

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Not the Way to Go T-Mobile & Samsung

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So, now that I see there will be no real light tablet device that is a competitor to the iPad. Yes, there are real tablet PCs that were ignored for more than a decade, but these are real PCs, while devices like the iPad is technically a PC – you don’t have the same level as a real PC. So, now comes the Galaxy Tablet. Samsung has been promising this since it released its Galaxy line of phones to the big 4 carriers in some changed version with the international version (which is better than most branded ones). So what is this Galaxy Tablet, and how much will it cost?

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