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Week 47 – 2014

This week has been relatively quiet, as is most weeks in the second half of the month. I had to get some groceries which I done so with no issue. I also placed an order with Amazon for an item which someone was kind enough to gift me a portion of the proceeds with regards to the item. I will be making note of it when I get it. I also ordered a set of headphones which I needed. In addition, I got a free Spring/Autumn jacket which will do no good in the Winter, but will help in other times of the year. Last, I got an email from someone I rarely hear from, and replied – so I would guess I won’t hear from that person for a while again.

As for plans for the coming week, I will have an errand to do which will be done on Monday. I will also expect the Amazon package to come on Sunday. Not much else otherwise, especially with it being the end of the month. I would continue to do some work on my web sites, and documents that I hope to accomplish before the end of the year – but for now, things are pretty quiet.

Week 34 – 2014

This week has been very little of productivity. I took the dogs for a walk almost every day, but for the most part – I have been in a bit of pain. I have also been working on a document which I will like to publish in a month or two. Otherwise, little much else has happened. On a side note, I acquired a Nexus 16GB which will hopefully be a gift for my brother, and his family. However, my brother will have to pay the money he owes me from other issues, otherwise – the tablet will for my own benefit. The only reason I acquired it when I really don’t have the funds is due to the fact the tablet was almost half of the new price. Therefore, if it becomes a gift for my brother’s family, then it would have been an investment worthwhile. Otherwise, it will function as a second tablet in the home.

As for plans for next week, not much will be planned as the end of the month is coming. I am still waiting for Assurant to refund the money from return of their inferior tablet they tried to pawn off on me. I will also need to add funds to my Connect Card especially since I have will have a number of things I will need to address in the first week of the coming month.


A bit happened today. First, UPS delivered the blanket I ordered which made life a little more comfortable. In addition, I went to Andrea’s to deliver my niece her new phone. She was extremely happy with it. However, since she is not under my account, she has to work with who owns her account will have to authorize a SIM card change. This is because her old phone uses a Mini-SIM, and the new phone uses a Micro-SIM.

Chris went to my place, and on the way to my place, we seen the Route 4: Troy Hill leaving while the 88: Penn was turning on Liberty Avenue. Since we had another 30 minutes to wait for the next bus (during the rush hour), I took the time to add funds to my Connect Card, then we got a Subway at the Subway Restaurant. We left with about 5 minutes to wait for the next bus. My brother left late at night to walk down the hill to catch the 54.

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Not much happened today. I didn’t get a lot done, but the dogs got a longer walk which was good since it rained in the late afternoon. They did get to play, and I wrote an email as a presales question as I have to prepare for the inevitable where Google will terminate XMPP support in less than 3 months. Since I do have a home phone, I want to make sure that both the home and cellular phone displays my Google Voice number.

The upstairs neighbor was really kind, and gave a bowl of chili which was really kind. I of course ate that for my evening meal, washed the container, and left it on the stair post leading to the second floor. While I am sure that the container wasn’t a big deal, I always believe in giving back what isn’t mine. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will be home with exception of walking the dogs. I will also look into other options for preparation of what will come in mid April with Google’s decision.

2013-11-28 (Thanksgiving)

Today was like much most holidays. No bus service, and nothing special. One nice thing was that my landlord did bring over a dinner. I obviously took it, and shared the ham with the dogs. I however took the turkey and stuffing.

On another note, I received my SSI benefits early, but it didn’t matter much since no transaction will take place until tomorrow. However, nonetheless, I still sent the electronic orders to pay my bills. My bank account started with $4.10 – then went to $714.86, and tomorrow, it will be down to $12.78.

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A bit happened today. I had to go to Downtown which from there, I had to get cleats installed on my shoes, notify the Department of Public Assistance of the change in rent. I also had to get documentation noting that I no longer had a bank account with a bank I used to use, and provide that with Section-8.

After that, I went to Andrea, and Chris’ place where Alexis gave me a birthday gift which was nice of her. She also liked my new phone, and was attracted with the “sparkly” look on the backside, although I wouldn’t call the pattern sparkly.

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Amazon $2500 winnings

I have been entered into a $2,500 winning from Amazon by Amazon. What does this mean? Well, first – I never win anything, so this blog posting is probably pointless. However if I did win, I am sure it would have been in the form of an Amazon Gift card. Of course, this will mean that I will purchase some things I will need or find of benefit from my Wish List. So, based on 2011-11-26, and the items in there – here is what I will likely get. Now, keep in mind that first I will not purchase dog food. While this is a top priority, I will figure the dog food could be purchased about the same price locally.

Otherwise, I will go after what would be my top priority first. This ranges in price, but I am sure even with that in mind, I will not completely expend the $2,500. After that, I will decide what would be top priority and go from there. I will keep purchasing until I don’t have enough to purchase anything left in my lists. And while this won’t completely wipe out my list, it will definitely make a dent into it.

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December 25

Today was in a bit much like a regular day, although it was important for most of my family. Needless to say, it’s a big deal for my niece and nephews. I spent Friday night at my brother’s, and Andie asked me to stay and keep an eye on the place which I didn’t mind doing. However, I am guessing from the car size, Chris wasn’t able to go up there, so I got to spend time with him. When Andie returned, it was a bit late and probably no buses running that late on Sunday service.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be returning home, will rest a bit. I will also need to write this particular blog posting, and check on any email. In addition, I will need to shave, and check on other pages. However, being that tomorrow will be Sunday, there isn’t much that I can do even if I needed too.

August 2

Today was a bit of a chaotic day. I had to go to the post office twice. The first time was to get postage stamps to mail off some documents. The second time was in the afternoon. Once I got the stamps, I prepared the envelopes to send them off, and went to the bank to withdraw the money for a money order. I then went to a local pharmacy to acquire the money order.

I then returned home, and with the documents mailed, I now had to get the money order written to give to the rental office. I then typed a small note to send with a small package for a friend of mine in Canada. I dropped off the rent at the office, went back to the post office to get a padded envelope, slap the addresses on them, filled out customs forms, and sent the package off. It should take 7 – 10 days according to the post office, even though Canada is right next door.

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