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Not much happened today. I had an errand to go, and I left in the late afternoon. I also did some work on a web site, and researched on trying to make Google Voice to make iNUM calls so I will only have to deal with one provider, and number. It didn’t seem to work, so I will rely on Local Phone to make iNUM calls. This was a shame as I would have figured Google Voice would have kept something worthwhile from Gizmo.

I also got a call from the landlord, and he would be coming by tomorrow to replace the thermostat. I also removed my Gigaset phone, and set all calls to my POTS line to my cell phone. I will still be watching minutes though. In addition, I had to call my carrier’s customer service with an error on my bill. It was addressed, and will hopefully not have the same problem in the future. In addition, I wrote a couple of emails, and not much else happened.

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June 22

Today was a slightly eventful day. I had to go to the store, but first, I went to the post office. Normally, I wouldn’t have gone since I wasn’t returning a disc, but the Gigaset phone came early, and I figured I would pick it up.

I also made a post about people keeping in touch with VOIP as a tip on my other blog. I included the new phone – so needless to say, it has made a positive impression. Is it perfect – not at all, but it works well.

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Keep in Touch the Cool Way

If you have family, friends, or loved ones in other countries, than you know how expensive a call can be. In addition, even if you have a calling plan that would reach to that country, you are more likely paying more for that plan. Here is a way that would help.

First, keep in mind, that while there is very functional, it is not completely flawless. For example, calling from the US may not always show the proper CID information. This could be a problem if you want to make sure that you know who’s calling. Also, the expense might simply be diverted elsewhere. You would need a broadband connection for this to work. You would also need good quality phones for this to work.

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Less than a Month to Wait

In early July, I am expecting to get a rent rebate. And considering that things didn’t work out the way I wanted too (as if that ever happens?), I won’t be getting a new PC, nor a new MP3 player. Instead, after I address some things that I would have to, I would expect about $120 for me to do as I please.

Looking at my wish list, there are only a few things I could look forward to getting. With some self compromise, I am strongly considering the Seimens Gigaset A580IP which is a POTS/VOIP phone.  I could get the bluetooth watch, but that’s only valuable when I am out. I could get the ATA for the faxing, but I don’t have a fax yet. So, the best option would be the VOIP phone, but the one I wanted is about $75 more than this one. Continue reading Less than a Month to Wait