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April 2017

This month could have been a better month, but I made due. A number of things have happened which is probably worth mentioning. Some of these changes will also have an impact on my goal of getting out of debt which will cause some setbacks. Also, someone out of the blue have contacted me which was not expected and finally got an appointment I needed for a few months, but will have to wait on the appointment.

First, for the contacts. My brother as usual will call about once a month, and offer some vague promise of visiting. This month, he called twice with the same vague promise which never happened. This is normal lately. He is also making some choices I would not agree with, but he is his own person, and he knows my opinion. I also received a call for a psychiatrist appointment which will hopefully address some of the severe anxiety issues I have. I won’t see the psychiatrist until the second week of May. I had been in need of a new one since January. Since I am not running around with a shot gun, I guess I am not a priority. A distant family member also got a hold of me by email asking if I had the contact information of my Aunt (Mother’s sister). This is not something I have, and have yet to hear back from her. I would assume as with most of my family, she won’t need of me any longer. Continue reading April 2017


Today, I had to go for an eye appointment which I had heard what I almost expected. New glasses will cost $140 more than what insurance will cover which means I will not be able to cover them. It will seem as if I wasted a couple of hours, and bus fare for nothing. So, when they call again for an exam, if I don’t have the money, I will simply not be able to go. Also, someone that owed some money stopped down to pay what he owed. It is nothing big, as there are a couple of bills in my name which are addressed, and he of course pays them. So, this isn’t really free money, but money that will have to go to my regular bills. Otherwise, not much else went on. I chatted with a fiend from Mexico that I hadn’t heard from in a while. It was however, short. It was good though. I also spent some time working on a page which I am hoping to put online soon.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to a doctor’s appointment, check my mail, go to Section-8, and pay my phone bill. I will most likely leave early, and get back in the afternoon at least. It would of course take a couple of buses each way too. I will also catch up on any shows, and podcasts as well.

July 13

Today could have been a better day. I made a call, and waited for someone that said he would stop by in about hour. It took him 2 and a half. I wouldn’t have even waited, but it was important. After that, I went to the center of the city to pick up glasses for Alexis, and then went to Andie’s to drop the glasses off. I did made it back home, and watched two episodes of True Blood which makes me wonder why they would put only 2 episodes on one disc when I seen them with three on other.

Not much else is going on. I looked at the news feed, and it would seem as if a T-Mobile/Sprint merger rumor is running rampant. I personally see this as a bit fragmented, and while technically the merger would help both companies, Sprint uses iDen/CDMA while T-Mobile uses GSM. So, the only time they could meet with the same technology in a logistic manner is if Wimax is abandoned, and both go to LTE.

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