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Not much happened today. I received my tablet which I expected better. I also received my gloves, and stylus. The gloves, and stylus will stay together as they will be used when it is too cold. I also gave the dogs a couple of walks, and fed them each a part of sweet potato while I ate turkey and mashed potatoes. Otherwise, not much happened today.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect Chris to show up to provide a portion of his phone bill. Otherwise, not much is planned for tomorrow. Likewise, much of next week will be rather quiet, especially since almost all of my money for December went to bills.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs today, although it was very cold which means it was a short walk. I also placed an order a pair of gloves, and a capacitive stylus. The gloves obviously is for when the temperature is below freezing. The stylus is obviously for when I have to wear gloves and have to associate with my phone.

Not much else is going on. As for plans for tomorrow, no plans. It will be a holiday which will mean that there is no bus services. I will basically wait until Friday which I will have to pay my bills, and hopefully address charges on my credit card.

Tele Fingers – OK, but not perfect.

About a week ago, I received a pair of Tele Finger gloves after paying $20, and waiting for a week for them. For those that may not know what they are, they ideally allow you to wear the gloves to keep your hands warm, while allowing you to use a capacitive touch screen such as what are on most said phones.

And while I hadn’t used them daily in real world applications, the benefits, and disadvantages are definitely apparent. First, let me discuss what the touch screen types are, and how they relate. Capacitive touch screens are on most new phones. Almost all Android OS phones have them. The iPhones have, and even a few Windows Mobile have them. The design of the phone allows for multi-touch, and therefore interface has to just be built into the OS, but obviously everyone is worried about hurting Apple’s feelings. Capacitive screens however requires an electrical current that your fingers generate to be recognized. This allows for it to recognize exactly where the fingers are, and therefore more accurate.

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