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Benefits of Google

I had a conversation with someone earlier today (2017-05-03), and she mentioned that she never used Google. She mentioned that she used Yahoo. First thing that came to mind is that we must be back in 1999. Now, I used to used Yahoo until they became incompetent, and there are still those few people that will swear by it. I however feel it might be worth mentioning the real world benefits of Google.

Now, I am not a fanboy, and I do understand that Google is first and foremost an advertising company. They provide “free” services to generate anonymized user data to rent to companies. But in turn so does Yahoo, and Bing. Google is just more successful. Continue reading Benefits of Google

This is not the Hangout You are Looking For

A month ago, Google has a number of communication services that simply do not talk to each other. There is Google Talk which is much like Yahoo Messenger, or AIM. There is Google Voice which uses Google Talk, but offers a phone number. This can also integrate with an Android phone. There is Google Plus Messenger which is a comparison to Facebook Messenger.

However, just recently (2013-05-21), Google has announce Hangout, and offers it as a replacement to Google Talk. It also offers video, and VOIP services for those using Google Plus. The idea will eventually be to replace all of the services with Hangout. Name aside, this is not a great idea, but they do have some parts in the right direction.

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How Google Can Do Better

I will be one of those that will admit that Google is integrated a great deal in my life. I use many of Google’s Services, and don’t see myself leaving at all. Yes, I know – Google gets to target ads at me, but let’s face it, everything has a price to it, and at least Google is honest about it.

However, Google could do better. By being such an active user with many of Google’s Services, I can probably point out some of the flaws, and how to solve them. I will go down the line in the various services in alphabetical order.

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Gmail is definitely not Google Voice. C’Mon Google

A couple of days ago, Google introduced the ability for people to make free calls from GMail to any US, or Canada telephone number. In addition, you can call international numbers with Google Voice, and Credit. Some people maybe raving about this, but if this is the best that Google Can do after the acquisition of Gizmo, I am a bit disappointed.

Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe this will be a huge hit, but me being a bit old fashion, I will prefer to use a telephone to make a telephone call. And the number of hardware based phones, while still a little more expensive – it is a real alternative to devices and software that requires a computer to be on all of the time.

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Really, Just Use SIP!

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/15 )

Google Voice Via Gmail Being Tested so the Android Guys blog says. Okay, let’s see if I got this right. Google Voice is available through a voice gateway when used by Android, and RIM devices. This is done by the device calling a special phone number, and with your CID information, authenticates you to allow your phone to submit a phone number, and therefore calls that number showing your Google Voice number. A slight delay in completing the call, but makes sense when calling from a cell phone.

Now, keep in mind that Google bought Gizmo late 2009, and seem to be doing nothing with it since. Everyone speculated that they would run their own VOIP service, or at least offer better integration with Gizmo. And then suddenly, one would read the above headline.

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