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My 7 Month Cashless Experiment

Now, I am not saying that we should eliminate money. At this time, there are simply too many political, logistical, and social issues that will stand in the way of that Utopia. However, I am suggesting that we go Cashless. There is a difference. Money is what we use to trade for goods and services. Cash is the physical representation of money. Since January of 2014, I have conducted a small experiment. I decided to discover the impact and consequences of going cashless. I am the type that wants to be as unbiased as possible, and if I am going to complain about something, I am going to know what I am complaining about, and bring up realistic solutions to whatever my gripe is.

So, what did I rely on, and what happens when someone gave me cash? Well, what I would always carry will be my photo ID, my Google Wallet card which has all of my discretionary money, and if needed – I could transfer money from a credit card to my Wallet account. Last I had my Public Transit card. The ID had nothing to do with going cashless. However, to ride the public transit system, I used the Public Transit Card. When I needed to refill the card, I used a credit card, or my Wallet Card. So what happens when someone handed me cash? Well, I placed it in an envelope and would take that money down with me the next time I would be close to my bank. Once a month, I will take $10 of that cash to do laundry. This is because the Laundromat in Troy Hill supports only cash. Once my money was deposited into my bank account, I can then pay bills, or transfer to my wallet. Also, the shoe repair shop will require a minimum of $10 for cashless transactions. If need be, I will get cash – but will be spent within 15 minutes to address the shoe repair. The only other instance in where there is some form of physical representation will be my Landlord and sending him a check. However, I pay my landlord through the bank’s site and they mail him a check with no additional cost to me. However if my Landlord would take Google Wallet, he could get his money in minutes on the first rather than maybe the 3rd – 5th of the month, only to have to take time to deposit it.

Again, let’s go into the difference between cash and money. Cash is a physical thing. You can touch it, and put it in your pocket. It can be stolen, lost or given away rather freely. Money is the backing of a government and promise to honor a means of trade without having to rely on goods. At one time, cash and money was one and the same. Then came the banking system, and computer transactions. Think about it. If a Millionaire went an bought a $400,000 car – do you really think he is going to bring a briefcase with $400,000 in the dealership? No, he is going to write a check. That check is a promissory note of $400,000 that authorizes the bank to take that money and give it to the dealership. Now, do you really think that banks send large sums of money to each other? In a time before computers – yes. There would even be $100,000 US Notes that could be used to purchase something. These were typically used between banks. Now, it is a simple modification of a computer system and databases. Already – most of the money that transfers and used in commerce is digital. So what are the reasons for not going cashless? Well continue reading

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Mot much happened today. I went to the grocery store to get groceries. Chris never showed up, so I never got to deposit any money. I did have to use the Google Wallet card to get soap, and toothpaste.I also got a 2lb bag of carrots for someone that helped me out with getting low dose Aspirin for Malak last month.

I also spent part of the day binge watching American Horror Story. Otherwise, not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will want to to try to walk the dogs, and will need to prepare for another errand which I will have to go on Thursday. Otherwise, I will expect the day to be pretty quiet.


Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls, received a phone call, and went to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled. When I returned, I received my Google Wallet card which was nice. I will likely cancel my bank’s ATM card on Monday.

In addition, my brother stopped by for a few hours in the which was nice. He also brought a large sampling of their Thanksgiving dinner. I will likely heat that up tomorrow. I also updated his phone including the phone’s OS from 4.3 to 4.4 since he has a Nexus 4.

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2013-11-28 (Thanksgiving)

Today was like much most holidays. No bus service, and nothing special. One nice thing was that my landlord did bring over a dinner. I obviously took it, and shared the ham with the dogs. I however took the turkey and stuffing.

On another note, I received my SSI benefits early, but it didn’t matter much since no transaction will take place until tomorrow. However, nonetheless, I still sent the electronic orders to pay my bills. My bank account started with $4.10 – then went to $714.86, and tomorrow, it will be down to $12.78.

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Not much happened today, although it was hectic. I misplaced my transit card, and my Google Wallet card – both of which I gave up and had them replaced as the old ones being lost. I did find them after I reported them, so that made my life inconvenient. Because of the card issue, I had to walk to Downtown which took about an hour. While in Downtown, I did pay for their license fees for 2014. I also took the subway to Allegheny Station where I went to the Humane Society to get their heartworm prevention medicine. After that, I returned to Downtown to catch the bus back home. I left at 9:00AM, and got home about 12:30PM.

As for plans for tomorrow, there are none. I will hopefully be able to walk the dogs. Otherwise, I will be home – especially since there is no bus service, nor money after paying bills. Not much else will be planned for tomorrow as I will spend some of the day recovering from today.

Google Wallet, if Done Right, May Become Perfect

For those of you who don’t know what Google Wallet is, it is a system that works with Google Checkout, and an NFC enabled Android Phone. You insert your credit cards, and debit cards, and as you pay for things, the information stored is used. With Android Phones, all retailers that support Pay Pass (MasterCard Wireless Payment) will be able to use Google Wallet. However, you do not have to use MasterCard, but you can American Express, Discover, and VISA.

Now, Google is rumored to eventually offer a physical card that will work as if it was the phone’s version – but a piece of plastic (just like your credit/debit card). So, why would someone use this Google Wallet card rather than the standard card? Well, first – most likely – people will want to use their Android phone, but for the other phones, this is an alternative. Also, at least in my perspective, I will only have to carry one card rather than 2. And while this may seem to be rumors, here is what I think Google should do to make it a perfect card.

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